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Unit 7 At Christmas (有配套课件)

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Unit 7 At Christmas(The 3rd period) 教案

南京市拉萨路小学 李磊

教学内容: E, F, G & H



2.学生能学会使用句型结构The …is yours/hers/his/theirs.进行游戏,猜测物品的归属;


4.学生能理解并会唱歌曲My shirt’s black,并创作新歌谣。

5. 学生能够熟练使用本单元所学进行综合的口头表达(即口头介绍礼物)和书面表达(即写信)。


Step 1. Free talk & Revision

T—Today, our topic is still. Christmas. Why do people like Christmas so much?

S—We can get presents.

T—Right. Let’s talk about presents.

But how can we talk about a present?(课件呈现)What questions can we ask?

Let’s have a discussion.


设计意图:利用mind maps形式帮助学生整理本单元所学内容,并促进学生紧密围绕“主题”进行思维的习惯。

Step 2. Play a guessing game (Part F)

1. 猜礼物的名称

T—Now, we know how to talk about a present. Look, here’re some presents. What do you want to know about them?

S—What are they?

T—Let’s listen and guess.


2. 猜礼物的归属

T—Now, we know what they are. Do you want to know more about them?

S—Whose presents are they?

T—Listen, these presents are ours(教师手指屏幕上的四个人物,自己Jim, Yang Ling, Su Hai and Su Yang). But which one is mine? Which one is his/hers/theirs? Please guess. You can discuss in pairs first.





T—Now, you know the football is mine. It’s my Christmas present. It’s from my girlfriend. It’s black and white. I often play it with my students. I like it very much.

What about your present? Please share.



Step 3. Listen and repeat.(Part G)

1. 课件呈现语音版块。

T—Just now, you knew I got a football as a present. Look at this football in my book. Is it nice?

2. 总结字母组合oo在单词中发短音[u]。



Step 4. Sing a song(Part H)

1. 呈现歌曲,听歌填词

T—Look at Su Hai and Su Yang’s CDs. What can they do with them?

S—They can listen to music.

T—Right. Now, they’re listening to a song. Let’s listen, then fill in the blanks.

2. 学唱歌曲,体会韵律美。

T—Let’s sing with the tape.

Let’s chant. (课件播放节奏,教师带领学生一起chant.)

3. 创作新的chant

T—Now, let’s make a new one.

设计意图:由Su Hai 和Su Yang的CDs, 引出歌曲部分的学习。三个环节,一听歌填词;二,学唱歌曲,并进行改编,配以节奏明快的伴奏,带领学生chant; 三,激发学生进行创作,自然生成。

Step 5. Read and write(Part E)

1. 导入E部分阅读。

T—What can Jim do with the crayons?

S—He can draw pictures.

T—Right. Now, he’s drawing and writing a story in his diary.

2. 给出阅读策略指导,学生自主阅读,完成填空,再反馈。


3. 学生圈出不会的新词或不理解的词句,全班讨论学习。

4. 总结短文

T—Now, try to fill the blanks. 学生完成填空。


T—Now, what do you think of Jim?

S—He’s a good boy.

T—Now, what should we do if we find items in a public place?

S—Try to find the owner or take the item(s) to the police station.

T—You are good children.


Step 6. Write a letter to Santa.


T—Be good, children. Cos only good children can get the presents from Santa. Do you want to get the presents from Santa. You can write a letter to him.

2. 浏览Jim给Santa的信,学习规则。

T--Now, Jim is writing a letter to Santa. Let’ take a look and learn how to write a letter to Santa.

3. 学生独立完成信件。

T—Please write a letter to Santa now.

4. 反馈--请个别学生上台汇报。

5. 文化渗透。

T—OK. Now, where should you put your letters?

S—In a post box.

T—Well, you can put it in a Christmas stocking. That’s you dream. Santa will see your dream and make you dream come true.


Step 7. Homework:

1. Read the diary in Part E and act it out. 熟读E短文,可和同学表演;

2. Learn the song and then teach me; 学唱歌曲,教我唱歌;

3. Check the letters with your classmates 同学交流信件内容,帮助修改。



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