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听力部分 39%


1. Who’s that old lady? She’s my grandma.

2. What day is it today? It’s Thursday.

3. What do you do on Sundays? We often play Ping-pong.

4. Who’s your English teacher? Miss Green. What’s she like? She’s thin and active.

5. What do you have for lunch today? We have eggplant, green beans and cabbage.

二、听音,根据听到的内容用“√”在下表中选出各人能做的家务。 11% Are you helpful at home? Yes, we are.

What can you do, Amy? I can sweep the floor and clean the bedroom,

What can you do, John? I can cook the meals and do the dishes.

Can you do the dishes, Zhang? No, I can’t. But I can water the flowers and wash the clothes. What about you, Chen? I can set the table and make the bed.

Can you make the bed, Sarah? Yes, I can. And I can empty the trash, too.


1. What do you have on Mondays? We have English, Chinese and music.

2. What’s your favourite food? I like bananas. They’re healthy.

3. Who’s your new P.E. teacher? Mr. Ma. Is he tall? No, he’s short. And he’s thin and quiet. 4. Today is Tuesday. What day is it tomorrow?


1. what would you like? 2. What do you have for lunch today?

3. What do you do on Weekends? 4. What day is it today?

5. Is he your new art teacher? 6. Who’s that young lady?

7. What’s he like? 8. What’s your favourite vegetable?

9. Do you like cabbage? 10. What’s she like?


1. 1) ow for … window, window. 2) floor 3) flower 4) plate

5) tall 6) sweep 7) clean 8) brown

2. 填写完整的单词 I like Fridays. Because I have P.E. on that day. Mr. Carter is my teacher. He’s kind. And we have fish for lunch. They’re fresh.

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