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she didn't walk to school yesterday.

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Module3 Unit1

On Mondays
She usually ______ ____ at half past six.
She usually ______ ____ ______. She usually ______ ______ ___ _____.

She usually gets up at half past six.


She didn’t get up at half past six.

On Mondays
She ______ ____ at half past six.
She ______ ____ to school. She ______ ______ English and Maths.

Lingling didn’t get up at half past six

And she didn’t walk to school yesterday.

She didn’t learn English and Maths .

What did Lingling do yesterday?

Lingling _____ TV and _____ with her toys.

National Day

My National Day was happy. I didn’t get up at six. I didn’t go to school. I didn’t clean my room. I played with my friends.

Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake

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