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外研版九年级下英语 Module 10 Unit 3

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Module 10 My future life
Unit 3 Language in use

Language practice
It’s very enjoyable. v. + -able adj. That’s a nice handbag. n.+ n. n. Head teacher, teachers, grandparents, parents n.+-ship n.,抽象化 and classmates… I’ve learnt the importance of friendship. Thank you for your help with our homework. We can never pay you back for your kindness, your patience, and gift of knowledge.
adj. + ness n.

Grammar 构词法
英语的构词法主要有两种,一种是合成, 一种是派生。
1. 合成法:指由两个或多个单词合成一个新 词的方法。有合成名词bathroom; 合成形 容词 middle-aged;合成代词 himself。 2. 派生法:派生是通过一个单词(词根)加 前缀或后缀构成新词的方法。

构 词 法

前缀 词根

前缀 enimmisnonun意思 使可能 不 错误的 不,非 不 enable 使能够, 例词 enrich使富裕 inexpensive不贵的, irregular不规则的 impossible 不可能的, impatient不耐心的 misunderstanding误解 , mistake错误 non-smoker 不吸烟者, non-swimmer不会游泳者 unable 无能的, unhappy不高兴的

ir-,in- 不,非


再,重复 rewrite 重写, retell复述
远程 television电视, telephone电话

词类 名词 后缀 例词


形容 词 -ful -less -able -teen


-th -ty



teacher, worker, inventor , visitor musician government, judgment careful, helpful, useful careless, homeless, helpless, useless comfortable, probable , usable , eatable seventeen, eighteen, fifteen fifth, seventh, fifteenth, fortieth forty, sixty, twenty carefully, carelessly, happily, quickly

Exercise about Grammar
Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words. 1. Sophia looked ________ beautiful (beauty) at her end of school ceremony. 2. He became a very _________ successful (success) ______ writer (write) when he left school. 3. Education _________ (educate) over the last few years improvement (improve). has show a lot of ____________

4. Your _________ wonderful (wonder) letter has given
me much _________ happiness (happy). 5. I want to become scientist _______ (science) or a teacher (teach) one day. _______

1 Complete the conversation. Join the words in Box A with those in Box B.
A after class hair hand (x2) B bag cut made mates (4) classmate (5) handmade noon

(1) handbag
(2) haircut

(3) afternoon

2 Complete the sentences, using the correct form of the words.
1. Something you enjoy is enjoyable ________ (enjoy). 2. Something which you suggest is a suggestion (suggest). _________ 3. The activity of learning is your _________ education (educate). 4. Being friends with someone is called friendship (friend). _________ 5. The act of being kind is called kindness _______ (kind). 6. Someone who teaches is a teacher ______ (teach).

Now think of more words with the same endings as the words you have written. Compare with your partner.

These are possible answers: -able: countable/suitable -tion: relation/decotation/invitation -ness: happiness/sadness -er: walker/worker



invention hardship happiness writer

发明 困苦,艰难
幸福,快乐 作家

3 Work in pairs. Look at the pictures and discuss the questions.

1. Which two things tell you that the party is international? a, c a) The menu. b) The language. c) The flags. 2. Why are the people clapping? c a) They are celebrating someone’s birthday. b) They are watching a play. c) They are listening to a speech. 3. What do you think the person making a speech is saying? b a) Excuse me. b) Welcome. c) Sorry.

4 Answer the questions.
1. What are the most important qualities a teacher should have? 2. Do you think teachers need to be strict? Why? 3. Is there anything you would do differently, it you could have your junior high school education all over gain? What? 4. Do you think your junior high school education has prepared you for the future? Why?

5. Is there anything about starting senior high school that makes you feel nervous? What? 6. What are your plans for the vacation?

Think about these questions and answer them in your own words.

5 Listen and complete the notes about Adam’s trip.

Ghana, Africa
building a primary school very friendly

Free time Missed Future job

visited the beaches talking to friends and family

Suppose you are Adam. Talk about your trip. Use the notes above to help you.

6 Read the passage. Match the photos and the paragraphs. Part a Part b Part c

7 Match the headings with the paragraphs.

Part a Part b Part c

Work experience Travel Working for no money

8 Choose the best answer.
1. These days, _____ b students in the UK take a gap year. a) some b) many c) all d) a few 2. Traveling can teach you values such as c learning about ______. a) flights b) money c) relationships d) jobs 3. Working on projects in poorer countries is a all about ______ people. a) helping b) entertaining c) managing d) paying

4. To help poorer people, you have to be prepared _____. d a) to live in another country b) to be paid very well c) to be paid very little d) to work for free 5. University graduates with some work c than graduates experience often get ____ without experience. a) more money b) more important jobs c) jobs more easily d) more jobs in other countries

Useful points
1. take + 时间 + off 请……假,离开…… We took a month off and went to a picnic one the hill. 2. grow up 长大 He grew up to be a tall man and is now working in a factory. 3. on all sorts of levels 无论在哪个方面或水平上 4. apply for 申请…… He applied for a job in the government office.

Around the w rld
Junior high school dances

Read and answer the questions.
1. Who organises the school dance in the USA? A student committee. 2. Who make the food? Parents or a restaurant. 3. Who supervises the dance? Parents and teachers.

Module task:

plans for your future
9 Think about your life in the future. Make notes about the following things:
? what you are planning to do in the next three years ? what you would like to do after that Do you want to go to university and get special training or would you like to work after senior high school?

? what other areas of your life you want to develop Do you want to be better at sports, learn to play music, or develop artistic skills? ? how you see your personal life ? what sort of values you think will be important to you

10 Use your notes and write sentences.
11 Join your sentences together and write a passage about your future.

1. The plane will ___ D from Beijing Capital Airport and land in London (2010年天津市) A.take up B.take out C.take away D.take off 2. --What do you want to be when you grow up? --_________actor like Jet Li. A (2010年广西省梧州市) A.An B.A C.The D./ 3. Jim wants to be a teacher when he____up. B (中考真题) A. grow B. grows C. will grow D. grew

1. Write a composition about

your plans for your future.
2. Finish the exercises in the workbook Ex. 1, 2, 3, 4, 14 & 15.

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