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班级_________ 姓名__________ 得分_________

一、 单词辨音(找出一个划线部分发音不同的单词) ( )1.A. thin B.that C.this

( )2. A. brush B.wash C.watch ( )3. A. bad B. apple C.half ( ) ( ) ( )6. A. my B. fly C.busy ( )7. A. behind B. blind C.it

( )8. A.cat B.father C.sad

二、 按要求填写单词。

1. fly (单三形式) ______ 2.thin (反义词) ______

3.brush(复数)_______ 4.swim(现在分词) ______

5.make ( 现在分词) _______6.ugly(反义词)______

三、 写出两个与划线部分同类的单词

1. ________,________

2. ________,________

3. ________,________

4. ________,________

5. ________,________

四、 用所给动词的适当形式填空。

1. Tom can________ (play) the piano.

2. There________ ( be )four ducks in the pond.

3. How many ________ (bear ) are there in the zoo?

4. What’s the weather like in summer? It is ______ (cloud).

5. She is ________ (run) on the playground.

五、 单项选择题(选出最恰当的答案)

( )1.It’s nine o’clock in the evening. Don’t watch TV, Danny.


A. Get up B. Go to bed C.Go to school

( )2.I like playing _____football. He likes playing _____piano.

A. /,the B. /,/ C.the /the

( )3.Superdog can _____the holes.

A. dig B. digs C.digging

( )4. _____,it’s windy and cold.

A. In autumn B.In winter C.In summer

( )5.How much _____ those brushes? Thirty Yuan.

A. are B. is C.am

( )6.I can’t find my toy cat.Where is it? It is ____ the box.

A. in B. of C. with

( )7.Listen to the cats. _____。

A.Miao,Miao B. Crack,Crack C.Crash, Crash

( )8.I get up _____ six o’clock in the morning.

A. in B. at C. on

( )9.Where can we collect the shells? _____。

A.At the beach B.In the family C. In the classroom

( )10.He’s my father’s father. He’s my _____。

A. sister B. brother C. grandfather

( )11. _____ English teacher is Miss Wang? Tom’s.

A. Whose B. Who C. What

( )12. Please _____ chase the ducks,Lucy.

A. doesn’t B. don’t C. can’t

( )13. Look, the aeroplane is flying _____the mountain.

A. in B. under C. above

( )14.Has Mary got _____ apples?

Yes , she’s got _____ .

A. any ,any B. any , some C. some , some

( )15.The fox is _____ the grapes.

A.eat B. eating C.eats

六、按要求改写下面的句子,每空一词。 对划线部分提问)


2. Those are new books.(改为单数句)


3. There are some knives on the table.(改为否定句)

4. The desk is smooth.(改为否定句,保持意思不变)


5.Open the window.(用He做主语改为现在进行时态)



Look at this photo.there are four peoplein it . The lady in red is my mother .She is a bus driver . She is thirty-seven years old . The man in blue is my father. He is a teacher. He is thirty-nine .The boy is my little brother . He is nine years old . He is a pupil . This is me . I am a student . We are in the park . We are very happy.

( )1.Look at this _____

A. map B. picture C.photo

( )2.The lady in _____ is my mother.

A. blue B. red C. yellow

( )3.My father is _____ years old.

A. thirty-seven B. thirty-nine C. nine

( )4.The boy is my little _____ .

A.brother B. uncle C. friend

( )5.My brother is a _____。

A. student B. bus driver C. pupil

( )6.My _____ is a teacher.

B. mother B.father C. brother

( )7. There are _____ people in the photo .

A.three B.five C. four

( )8.We are _____.

A.hungry B.happy C.sad


Dear Lucy,

My name is Danny. I am your pen-friend. I have a brother . I live in Beijing. The weather in Beijing is nice. In spring it is sunny,rainy,warm and wet . My brother and I can play football at the beach . In summer it is very hot and wet .But we can swim on theriver. In autumn it is cool an dry . In winter,it is windy and cold . I like summer very much.


Your friend,


1.________is writing a letter .

2. The ________ in Beijing is nice.

3.In ________ ,it is windy and cold.

4. In summer , we can ________ on the river.

5.Danny ________ summer .


(一) My favourite season

My favourite season is ______.







(二)My family .







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