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2013江苏译林牛津英语预备课程Lesson3 C& D课件

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there is + singular nouns (单数名词)

there are + plural nouns (复数名词)

? 1.There are is a computer room in our school. ? 2. There are some reading rooms.

Part C Visiting a school
Look at some pictures and answer some questions. (看图片并回答问题)

How many classrooms are there in our school?

Is there a library in our school?

Are there any toilets in our school?

Is there a playground in our school?

Is there a reading room in our school?

Part D My school

I am _______________. I study at _________________. This is my school. There is ______________________ in it. There is ________________ in it too. How many ________________ are there in my school? There are___________________________________________



It’s time for class. Stand up. Sit down, please. Open your books and turn to page 16.

上课时间到。 起立。 请坐。 请把书打开到第16页。

Close your books and look at the blackboard. 合上书,看黑板。 Listen to the tape again. 再听一遍磁带。

? ? ? ?

1.复习Lesson 3 2.背诵Page 14对话, Page 16对话 3.熟记本单元短语 4.完成Page 17 的作文(以我们的学校为例)

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