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Unit 9课件

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Unit 9
How was your weekend?

柯 维 林 No.6 middle school


I’m cleaning the room now. I cleaned the room on yesterday morning.
动词的另一种时态--一般过去时: 表示过去发生的动作或存在的状态,经常和 表示过去的时间状语连用。如:yesterday, yesterday morning/afternoon/evening, last week/month/year,in 2004等等。


I played with the snow man on yesterday morning. Yesterday morning
I read a story on yesterday afternoon. Yesterday afternoon

I played tennis on yesterday morning. Yesterday morning

I did my homework on yesterday evening. Yesterday evening

I played Computer game on Saturday afternoon. Saturday afternoon I played soccer on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning

Sunday morning I cleaned my room on Sunday morning.

Sunday evening I cooked the meal on Sunday evening.

Saturday morning I played Pingpong on Saturday morning.

Saturday evening
I played the violin on Saturday evening.

I learned English on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon

play clean cook learn do go read

played cleaned cooked learned did went read /red/

规则动词的 过去式一般 直接加ed。
不规则动词的 过去式无规则 可循,要注意 自己积累。


Thinking:the past form of BE。
was I was late for school yesterday. were They were not here last week.

Group work:One asks the other one,
then one by one.

A:I went to the movies on Saturday evening. What did you do over the weekend? B:I played tennis on Saturday morning. What did you do over the weekend? C:I cleaned my room on Sunday morning. What did you do over the weekend? D:I did my homework on Sunday afternoon.

一、写出下列动词的过去式: did 1. is was 2.do 3.play played 2. 4.go went 5.clean cleaned 6.visit visited

二、根据汉语提示完成句子: 1. I played (打、玩)tennis last Saturday. 2. She went (去) to the beach (海滨). 3. He cleaned(清扫)his room on Sunday morning.

B played the guitar A did my homework



D studied geography
C went to the library C D

What did she do yesterday? She did her homework .

What did Jim do yesterday? He studied geography.

What did he do yesterday? He played the guitar .

What did he do yesterday?

He went to the library.


A:Hello! B:Hi! A:How was your weekend? B:It was great! A:What did you do over the weekend? B:I played tennis and went to the beach. What about you? A:I visited my grandmother.What did Jim do? B:He did his homework and watched TV.

Next time you’ll be better!

一 写出下列动词的过去式 did study______ cleaned have____ had play played stayed studied clean______ do___ _____ stay_____
were visitedpractice_________go____ practiced went watch______ was are____ visit_____ watched is____ 二 用适当的动词填空 cleaned the room 1 I ____________________ on Saturday morning. (打扫房间) went to zoo 2 My parents and I _______________on Sunday afternoon. (去动物园

studied English 3 I _____________________ on Saturday afternoon. (学习英语)

played the guitar He_________________ yesterday. played football He_______________ on Sunday .

played baseball He _________________ on Saturday afternoon.

did her homework She _________________ yesterday.

played tennis They ______________ last Sunday.

played basketball He_________________ yesterday.

played computer She________________ game _____on Sunday evening. played volleyball She ________________ last Monday.

Jim’s mother cleaned the room ___________________ over the weekend.

went to swim on He ______________ Saturday afternoon.


He went to the library. He did some reading. He found some books. find—found

I wrote a new song. I practiced my guitar. I changed my hair color. singer I am a_____________ She helped doctors. She worked in the day and sometimes at night. She is a_________________ nurse

Next time you’ll be better!

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