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Unit 2复习

2.星期二 3.星期三 4.星期四 5.星期五 6.星期六 7.星期日

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

写出单词所缺的字母,并在括号里写出其中文意思. 读书 ? 1.r__ __d books( ) e a r ? 2. S__t__ ( ) a u __day 星期六 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? u __sday e 3. T__ ( o 4. __n ( i 5. Fr__day ( a ( 6. d___y 7. h__v___( a e 8. to___ o ( 9. a b__ o __t u ( y ( 10. v__ e r__ 星期二 在---时候 星期五 天,日 有,吃 也,太 大约,关于 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )


1.What day is it today?(星期四)
2. What time is it ?(9:00) 3. What do you have on Mondays?(科学) 4. What do you do on Sundays?(做作业) 5. Do you like Mondays?(肯定回答)

6. What day do you like? (星期六)
7. What’s the first day of a week?

8.Today is Monday. What day is it tomorrow?



What day is it today?
What do you have tomorrow? What do you do on weekends? Do you like math?
No, I don’t like math.

Today is Monday.

We have math and art tomorrow.

I often play ping-pong on weekends.

Is it Tuesday today? 4.________________________________
No, it isn’t Tuesday today.

Do you often read books on weekends? 5.____________________________________
Yes, I often read books on weekends.
6.____________________________________ How many days are there in a week?

There are seven days in a week.

What’s your father like 7. _____________________________?
My father is tall and strong.

A: ________________________________? What day is it today

B: It’s Tuesday.

What do you have on Tuesdays A:___________________________________?
B: We have English, science and P.E.

Do you like Tuesdays A:_____________________________________?
B: Yes , I like Tuesdays. Because I like P.E.

What do you do on Saturdays ____________________________________?
about you? A: I read books on Saturdays. What _____________

Me too. B: ______

1. day ,today ,is ,what ,it (?)

2. on, you, what , have, do ,Thursdays (?)
3. time, it , to , get up . is (.)

4. Mondays, has, math , music , and ,Mike, on (.)
5. is , Friday , it (.)

用to, for, have, has, like, likes填空。

to 5. It’s time _______ get up /go to school . for It’s time ________ English class.

have math on Mondays . 6. I/You/We/They _____ has math on Mondays . He/She/Mike ______ like 7. I/You/We/They _________ Sundays . He/She /Mike _________ likes Sundays.

my 8. I often do ______ homework . her housework. She often does ____ his homework. He often does ____

My days of a week Hi, my name is…

I have classes from Mondays to Fridays
I have---(课程) on….(星期几). I have… on… I like Mondays.

I often…on Saturdays.
I often… on Sundays. I love my week.

My days of a week

Hi, my name is … I have classes from Mondays to Fridays. I have math, Chines

e, English and computer on Mondays. I have Chinese, math , English and computer on Thursdays. I like Fridays, because I like P.E. class. I often do my homework and watch TV on Saturdays. I often read books on Sundays. I love my week.

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