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go to the

park zoo cinema station supermarke

go to school

Maybe I will go to...

go to the zoo

go to the hospital

go to the park

go to school

go to the cinema

go to the station

go to the supermarket

go to the library

will 将要 后加动词原形
What will you do this weekend?

I will ….

I don’t know. 我不知道.

Listen the text ,then answer : 1.What will Amy do this weekend? 2.What will Amy see? 3. Will Sam go to the zoo? 4. Will Daming go to the zoo? 5. What will Daming visit? 6.Will Daming see lions there?

1.Listen and repeat. 2.Show the new words.



lots of 许多
3.Translate the text.

What will you do this weekend?

Maybe I will go to play basketball this weekend.

What will he do this weekend?

Maybe he will go to play football this weekend.

A: I will go to the zoo. B: What will you see? A: I will see some animals.

Will you go to the zoo ?
Yes, I will . No, I won’t .

will not = won’t 不打算(做)

Will you go to the hospital?

Yes, I will.

A: Will you go to school tomorrow?

B: No, I won’t. I will visit Lingming then.

Will you go to the park ?

No, I won’t .

Will you go to school ?

Yes, I will.

Yes, I will.

I don’t know.

Yes, I will.

module 3 目标语句 1.这周末你将要做什么? 我不知道.
What will you do this weekend? I don’t know.

2. 也许我们将要去动物园. 3. 你们将要看到什么?

Maybe we’ll go to the zoo.

What wil you see?
我们将看到狮子,老虎 和熊猫.

We’ll see lions,tigers and pandas.

4. 萨姆也去吗? 是的,他将要去.

Will Sam go, too? Yes, he will.
5. 你也将要去吗,大明? 不,他不去.

Will you go too, Daming? No, he won’t.

6. 我将看望我在乡下的爷爷.
I’ll visit my grandpa in the countryside.

7. 但是我将看到许多猪.
But I will see lots of pigs.

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