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( )1.Hi, Mr. Black. This is my new friend, Mike. ( )2.Nice to meet you, too.

( )3.I am from Canada.

( )4.Nice to meet you.

( )5.Where are you from?


( 一)

Girl: Hello! I’m Amy, What’s your name?

Boy: My name is Mike. I’m from Canada. Where are you from? Girl: I’m from America. Nice to meet you!

Boy: Nice to meet you, too!

( )1.Amy is a boy.

( )2.Amy is from China.

( )3.Mike is a girl.

( )4.Mike is from Canada.


Mr Black : Boys and girls, we have a new friend today. Jenny : Hi, my name’s Jenny .Nice to meet you.

Class : Nice to meet you, too. Welcome.

Tim : Where are you from ?

Jenny : I’m from Canada .

Tim: Me too.

( ) 1.Mr Black is a teacher ,

( ) 2.Jenny is a new student.

( ) 3.Jenny is from China.

( ) 4.Tim is from Canada.

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