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单词:热狗hot dog 男服务生waiter 女服务生waitress 可乐cola

美元dollar 美分cent 享受,欣赏enjoy

词组:看起来好look good 总共in all

13美元25美分(13.25美元)thirteen dollars and twenty-five cents

句子:1. 你想要什么?What do you want? 我想要个热狗。I want a hot dog.

2. 它多少钱?How much is it?

它总共13.25美元。It’s thirteen dollars and twenty-five cents, in all.

3. 你想要吃什么?What do you want to eat?

我想要吃一些肉。I want some meat.

4. 祝你用餐愉快。 Enjoy your meal.

知识点:1. want用法。want to do sth 例句:I want to eat a hot dog.

want sth 例句:I want a hot dog.

2. And to drink?=And what do you want to drink?

3. food不可数名词。M2

单词:在??周围around 鸭子duck 不久soon 干的dry(wet)


词组:去公园野餐have a picnic in the park 围着湖走walk around the lake

去树下go under the tree 看look at…

句子:1. 我们打算什么时候吃饭?When are we going to eat?

我们打算12点半吃饭。(We’re going to eat) at half past twelve.

2. 看,天快要下雨了。Look. It’s going to rain soon.

3. 我们打算去野餐。We’re going to have a picnic.

4. 明天北京天气怎么样?What’s the weather going to be like in Beijing?

明天北京有雨。It’s going to rain.

知识点:1. be going to do表示“打算”,是一般将来时。当天空有某种迹象表明是

某种天气,一定使用be going to句型。

2. 表示天气的常用词。rain(be rainy),snow(be snowy),be cloudy,be sunny,,

be windy,be foggy.


单词:有趣的,好笑的funny 很快地quickly 湿的wet 生气的angry


词组:对??生气be angry with 度过有趣的一天have a funny day

开始下雨start to rain 快跑到树下run quickly under a tree 变湿get wet 句子:1. 我星期六过得很愉快。 I had a very funny day on Saturday.

2. 我照了一些照片。 I took some photos.

3. 有一个大湖还有许多鸭子。There was a big lake and there were lots of ducks.

4. 我们正在野餐。 We are having a picnic.

5. 在这张照片里,阳光照耀着。 In this photo, the sun is shining.

知识点:1. funny是形容词,fun是名词。相关短语: have a funny day; have lots of fun

2. 句型: 我和某人做了某件事情。 I do sth with sb.

例句: I go to the park with sam.

3. 正确区分文章中的want(想要) 和 went(go的过去式)。

4. 会使用现在进行时描述图片。


单词:提,搬carry 超市supermarket 聚会party 拿着hold 落下,跌落fall

稍后,随后later 在远处,到远处away 楼梯(常复)stairs 重的heavy 词组:在超市at the supermarket 给某人买某物buy sth for sb/ buy sb sth

过一个美国式生日have an American birthday 帮助某人某事help sb with sth 给你制作一个生日卡片make you a birthday card=make a birthday card for you 出来做??come out to do (从某人处接过)握住气球hold on to the balloons 飞走fly away 从楼梯上掉下来fall down the stairs

句子:谁能帮帮我?Who can help me? 对不起,我不能。Sorry, I can’t.

我来帮你。I will help you.

所有的气球都飞走了。All the balloons are flying away.

桔子掉了。The oranges are falling.

苹果掉下楼梯。The apples are falling down the stairs.

知识点:1. 动词buy(买),give(给),send(寄),make(制作)的用法。

buy(make) sth for sb=buy(make) sb sth give(send) sth to sb=give(send) sb sth

2. hold on to sth 和hold sth的区别。前者又从某人手里接过并握住的含义,


3.fall的用法。摔倒fall over 摔落fall down


单词:鼓掌clap 到达arrive 雨伞umbrella 靴子boots 隧道tunnel


词组:举办生日聚会have a birthday party 吹小号play the trumpet 跑进来run in

跟某人问好say hello to sb 随着小号声唱sing with the trumpet

往窗外看look out of the window 在水里跳jump in the water

从隧道出来come out of the tunnel 进入隧道中 go into the tunnel

到达车站arrive at the station 挥手再见wave to say goodbye 变暗get dark 从梦中醒来wake up from my dream

句子:大明正举行生日聚会。Daming is having a birthday party.

他正在吹小号,这时电话响了。He’s playing the trumpet, but then the telephone


他正在演奏最喜欢的歌曲,而且每个人都在倾听并鼓掌,这时更多朋友来了。 He’s playing his favourite song and everyone is listening and clapping, but then

more friends arrive.

我在空中飞。I’m flying in the sky.

知识点:正在做某件事时(现在进行时)另一件事发生了(一般现在时)。 Daming’s playing the trumpet, but then the telephone rings.


单词:太空space 旅行travel 感兴趣的interested 宇宙飞船spaceship


词组:太空旅行space travel 对??感兴趣be interested in

??的名字the name of… 带??到太空中去take… into space

制作一个中国飞船的模型make a model of a Chinese spaceship

把一个人送入太空send a man into space

句子:我给你买了一本书。I bought a book for you.=I bought you a book.

谁给你的?Who gave it to you? 你的妈妈给我的。Your mum gave it to me. 我对太空旅行很感兴趣。I’m very interested in space travel.

宇宙飞船的名字叫神州。The name of the spaceship is Shenzhou.

在2003年,它把中国第一人带入太空。In 2003, it took China’s first person into


知识点:1. buy(bought), give(gave), send(sent)的用法。

buy sth for sb=buy sb sth give(send) sth to sb=give(send) sb sth

2. interesting 和interested的区别。物作主语用interesting, 人作主语用

interested。例句:This book is very interesting. I’m interested in this book.

3. Didn’t you know? 难道你不知道?Yes, I did.不,我知道。 No, I didn’t.


4. 了解制作宇宙飞船的步骤,会排序。


单词:度过spend 激动的,兴奋的excited 录像video 自豪的proud

将来某一天someday 著名的famous

词组:飞到太空中fly into space 在学校(非常)努力学习work (very) hard at school 实现come true 为他骄傲be proud of him 小学primary school

爱好写作love writing 在报纸上发表in the newspaper 握手shake hands

句子:2003年10月,神州五号飞入太空。In October 2003, Shenzhou V flew into space. 当他是个小男孩的时候,他就想进入太空。When he was a little boy, he wanted

to go into space. 然后他的梦想实现了。Then his dream came true.

他在太空度过了大约21个小时。 He spent about 21 hours in space.

知识点:1. space前不加任何冠词。go into space fly into space in space

2. 不规则动词的变化:fly-flew spend-spent come-came make-made

can-could see-saw feel-felt write-wrote

3. word和words。a word表示单词,words表示一句话。

4. someday在文中表示将来某一天,是将来时。也可表示过去而的某一天,


5. Look up!看上! Look down!看下! Look left!看左! Look right!看右!

Look straight ahead!一直向前看!


单词:盲的blind 聋的deaf 正常的normal

词组:周游世界go around the world 和她讲话talk to her 在手心里in her hand

努力尝试try hard 对??来说难be difficult for sb 学习做??learn to do 讲她的故事tell her story

句子:海伦·凯勒是盲人,所以她看不见。Helen Keller was blind.So she couldn’t see. 她是聋人,所以她听不见。She was deaf. So she couldn’t hear.

但是她能学习。But she could learn.

海伦的第一个单词是“水”。”Water” was Helen’s first world.




单词:麻烦事matter 棒球baseball 队team 错误mistake 恐惧的scared 逃跑escape 理解understand

词组:组织一个棒球队have a baseball team 想要你做want you to do

在??犯错误make mistakes with… 从??逃走escape from

句子:什么事?What’s the matter?

你们为什么在笑?Why are you laughing?

你们为什么在头上戴着杯子?Why are you wearing cups on your heads? 在英语上犯错误很容易。It’s easy to make mistakes with English.

你为什么害怕?Why are you scared? 因为有蛇。 Because there is a snake. 知识点:1. why…?Because…

2. Look what I’ve got in my bag. 注意what引导的句子是个肯定句。 M10

单词:中学middle school 真正的really 学习study 地理Geography

有用的useful 学生student

词组:回到英国go back to England 对我们有用be useful for us

重新开始start anew

句子:九月份你要上中学了吗?Are you going to go to middle school this September? 我真兴奋。I’m really excited.

我们会一直是朋友。We’ll always be friends.

我会想念你们两个的。I will miss you both.

在学校有2500个学生。There are 2500 students at the school.

知识点:1. 乘坐交通工具的表达方法。by bus, by train, by ship, by bike, by plane, by

car, on foot

2. 会仿写M10U2.


单词&词组:爬树climb up the tree 咬大拇指suck the thumb 睡觉fall asleep

小丑clown 呆在家里stay at home



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