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(一) school is NO.

1 Middle School. I’m in Li is my English

teacher. Her name is Sue. She’s a I think he is at school. They are in Grade 1,( )1.A.Zhengxiao Fang B.Zheng xiao fang

C.Zheng Xiao Fang D.Zheng Xiaofang

( )2.A.Chinese B.English C.Japanese D.English’s ( )3.A.Am B.I C.I’m D.Am I

( )4.A.His B.Her C.Their D.My

( )5.A.Grade One,Class One B.Class One,Grade One

C.Grade one,Class one D.Class one,Grade one

( )6.A.Mr B.Mrs C.mr D.mrs

( )7.A.man B.boy C.woman D.girl

( )8.A.in home B.at home C.at school D.at a home ( )9.A.friend B.friend’s C.friends’ D.friends

( )10.A.and B.or C.too D.two


On Sundays we often go to the ___1____ near our school. There are many____2_____ in it----tigers, elephants, pandas and monkeys. The

____3_____are very big. They all have ____4_____noses. Their noses can ___5_____ them eat and drink. Tigers are very____6_____. They often run about. They don’t like to ____7_____in the zoo. Many people like

____8_____.They are animals of China. But I like monkeys most(最). We like __10_____ to the zoo . We can____8_____ more (更多) about animals there.

( )1.A.park B.school C.zoo D.the shop

( )2. A.people B.children C.animals D.things

( )3. A.elephants B.tigers C.pandas D.monkeys

( )4. A.long B.short C.free D.small

( )5. A.give B.help C.make D.get

( )6. A.strong B.hungry C.happy D.careful(小心)

( )7. A.eat B.play C.walk D.live

( )8. A.elephants B.pandas C.tigers D.monkeys

( )9. A.go B.going C.are going D.goes

( )10. A.see B.play C.get D.know

(三)Learning How to Swim

During summer holidays, my good friend Chuanchuan ___1___ I went to join a swimming class. Before ___2___ only knew how to dog paddle, I like a dog falling into the water and trying to swim.

At the swimming class, my teacher told ___3___ how to do the crawl. For the crawl we had to breathe on ___4___ the left and the right sides. After that, my teacher taught us how to do backstroke. For swimming backstroke, we ___5___ needed to go back in a circular motion. My teacher always demonstrated the backstroke first before teaching, then we followed ___6___.

Sometimes, our teacher let us play a game called“catch the ring”. This was how we played it: someone took a rubber ring and threw it into the water, then ___7___ dived down in the water and brought it back up to the surface. We ___8___ played happily.

Now I know how to swim!

( )1. A. or B. and C. both D. all

( )2. A. I B. me C. us D. My

( )3. A. we B. our C. us D. I

( )4. A. both B. all C. either D. neither

( )5. A. arms B. arm C. eyes D. ears

( )6. A. she B. he C. his D. her

( )7. A. us B. our C. me D. we

( )8. A. all B. either C. neither D. both


This ___1___ my room. It is a ___2___ nice room. The window ___3___ big and the walls ___4___ white. Near the window there is a red desk. It is for me. ___5___ the desk, there are some books and ___6___ pencil-box. ___7___ the back wall there are some pictures and ___8___ map of China.

There is ___9___ bed. It is near the door. There is a chair behind the bed. There is a box and a pair of new shoes ___10___ the bed.

( )1. A. are B. am C. is D. be

( )2. A. much B. very C. too D. now

( )3. A. is B. are C. am D. /

( )4. A. are B. is C. be D. /

( )5. A. on B. on C. in D. under

( )6. A. a B. two C. some D. at

( )7. A. In B. For C. On D. At

( )8. A. / B. an C. a D. some

( )9. A. an B. a C. not D. the

( )10. A. in B. at C. under D. from


Mingming is the student in our school. His father is a in a factory. His mother is a teacher. He younger than him. But she is much than Mingming. His brother is Mingming studies very a quarter past six in the

morning. After breakfast, he leaves home. He goes to by bike. He often gets there earlier than others. He likes his classmates with their lessons. ( )1. A. good B. better C. best D. nice ( )2.A. farmer B. worker C. teacher D. student ( )3.A. is B. have C. likes D. has

( )4.A. a little B. more C. very D. quite ( )5.A. younger B. older C. stronger D. more

( )6.A. young B. younger C. older D. the youngest ( )7.A. busy B. hard C. good D. fine

( )8. A. in B. on C. at D. to

( )9.A.school B. home C. factory D. farm ( )10.A. to work B. to make C. to write D. to help


a happy family. She lives in London her parents. school girl. Today is Kate’s birthday and she’s fifteen years old. Her father is teacher. He works in a school. Students think he is a good mother is a nurse. She is a very good nurse. Kate has a brother and they study Her brother speaks Chinese very well and has manyfriends there. Her sister ( ) 1. A. have B. haves C. has D. hases

( ) 2. A. with B. of C. and D. for

( ) 3. A. be B. am C. are D. is

( ) 4. A. / B. a C. an D. the

( ) 5. A. She B. Her C. Hers D. Her’s

( ) 6. A. and B. or C. but D. too

( ) 7. A. on B. in C. into D. at

( ) 8. A. study B. studys C. studies D. studying

( ) 9. A. be B. is C. to D. to be

( ) 10. A. of B. for C. in D. about

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