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5A Unit 9 知识汇总

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Unit 9 知识汇总


1一节美术课 an Art lesson 2上一节数学课have a Maths lesson 3在一节语文课上at a Chinese lesson 4 学英语 learn English

5教我们数学teach us Maths

6 教她的学生学图形teach her students about shapes

7教他学有关动物teach him about animals 8 学习怎么样画它们learn how to draw them 9看黑板 look at the blackboard 10放风筝fly a kite 11 放模型飞机fly model planes 12 什么形状what shape

13画一个正方形draw a square 14一块三角形的蛋糕 a triangle cake

15多少个圆形 how many circles 16画许多星形draw many stars

17一个白色的菱形a white diamond 18 八个长方形 eight rectangles

19展示给他们/ 她看show them/her

20展示给他看如何烧饭show him how to cook rice

21展示给我看如何骑自行车show me how to ride bikes 22把图片给她看show the pictures to her

23向我们展示怎么做 show us how to do it 24 在沙发上 on the sofa

25烧饭 cook some rice 26 打开鱼罐头 open the tin of fish

27弹吉他play the guitar 28. 打开一个旧盒子 open an old box

29如何做贺卡 how to make a card 30为我/他买花buy some flowers for me/ him 31买一个面具给她buy a mask for her 32做一张新年贺卡make a New Year card 33今年this year 34三年 three years

35新年快乐 Happy New Year 36太阳和月亮the sun and the moon 37画一些树draw some trees 38写在纸上write on the paper

39一些纸some paper 40纸花flower paper


1. 好主意 good idea 2. 我不知道I don’t know

3. 不要忘记 don’t forget 4. 不要忘记关don’t forget to open

5. 忘记读书forget to read 6. 然后 and then

7. 首先first 8. 只用一个菱形use only a diamond

9. 行,好的 All right. 10 .在天空 in the sky

11. 小星星 little star 12像一个钻石 like a diamond

13. 做拼图 do the puzzle


1、月亮什么形状? 是圆形。

What shape is the moon ? It’s a circle .


What shape is it ? It’s a triangle .


What shapes are the rulers ?/ What shapes are they?

They’re rectangles .


Is the clock a square ? Yes, it is .

5、那些桌子是圆形吗?不是,他们是五角形。 Are the tables circles ? No , they’re stars .


How many stars can you see ? I can see nine .


How many kites are there? There are twelve . / There is one .


Show us how to make paper flowers . All right .


Don’t forget to write your name .


Miss Lin is teaching her students about shapes .

11. 我们为什么不做一个呢?

Why don’t we make one?

12. 我不怎么怎么做卡片。

I don’t know how to make a card.

13. 让我向你展示怎么做。

Let me show you how to do it

14. 不要忘记在纸上写。

Don’t forget to write on the paper.


The sun is a circle.

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