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ask---- meet---- teach---- sit---- kick---- look---- listen---- eat---- put---- knock---- open---- give---- see---- pulll---- show---- wash---- try---- take---- wake---- shut---- count---- share---- post---- play---- hide---- seek---- hold---- stand---- do---- jump---- stop---- touch----


ends---- rains---- shines---- rises---- sets---- sleeps---- gets---- goes---- stays---- arrives---- walks---- drives---- spends---- forecasts---- fixes---- works---- travels---- cleans----


1. We often (get) up at six o’clock.

3. you 4. What (do) he usually (do) after school?

6. Mike sometimes (go) to the park with his sister.

7. At eight at night, she 8. Mike 9. How many lessons (have) on Monday?

10. What time his mother 四、按要求改写句子。

1)Do you often play football after school? (改为肯定句)

2)I have some books. (改为否定句)

3)Gao Shan’s sister likes playing table tennis. (改为否定句)

4)She lives in a small town near New York. (改为一般疑问句)

5)I watch TV every day. (改为一般疑问句)

6)We have four lessons. (改为否定句)

7)Nancy doesn’t run fast. (改为肯定句)


1.I do my homework everyday.

2. The girl does her homework everyday. 3. He often does housework. 4. They often watch TV. 5. My father often watches TV.


( ) 1. you have a book?

A. Do B. Are C. Is D. Have

( A. working B. is work C. work D. is worked

( ) 3. Does Peter like to watch TV? A. Yes, he like B. No, he doesn’t C. Yes, he’d like D. No, he likes

( ) 4. She doesn’t her homework in the afternoon.

A. doing B. to do C. does D. do

( to America?

A. do, go B. is, go C. does, go D. does, goes

( ) 6. Where’ it.

A. am not finding B. am not seeing C. can’t find D. can’t look at

( to work by bike.

A. does, go B. do, goes C. do, go D. does, goes

( ) 8. you usually late for school? No, A. Do, I am B. Does, not C. Are, I’m not D. Are, I aren’t

( ) 9. she home at six every day?

A. Is, leave B. Does, leave C. Is, leaves D. Does, left

( ) 10. Mr. Yang English this term.

A. teaches our B. teaches us C. teachs us D. teach our

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