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一、Listen and choose.(听录音,选出你所听到的单词或短语。10分) ( ) 1. A. tall B. kind C. funny ( ) 2. A. thin ( ) 3. A. Sunday

B. active B. Monday

C. quiet

C. Wednesday

( ) 4.A.watch TV B. read books C. do homework

( ) 5. A. tomatoes and fish B. tomatoes and mutton C. tomatoes and pork

( ) 6. A. sour

B. salty

C. sweet

( ) 7. A. do the dishes B. empty the trash C. wash clothes ( ) 8. A. curtain ( ) 9. A. near ( ) 10. A. river

B. closet B. under B. path

C. mirror C. beside

C. take

二、Listen and number(听句子,标序号。10分)

( ) ( ) ( )

( ) (



三、Listen and answer.(听问句,选择正确的答句。10分)

( )1、 A I like math. B I'd like some tofu. C I have math. ( )2、A Yes, there isn't. B Yes, it is. C Yes, there is. ( )3、A I can do housework . B You can do homework

C She can wash the clothes.

( )4、A Yes, I am. B Yes, they are. C Yes, I do

( )5、 A. She’s our principal. B. She’s quiet. C. She likes music.

四、Listen and complete.(听录音,补全单词。10分)

1、I often water the flow__ __s on Wednesdays.

2、--Is there a riv__ __ in the park?

--Yes, there is.

3、--Where is the mirr__ __?

--It's on the end table.

4、I can cl__ __n the bedroom.

5、I don't like grapes. They are s__ __r.


一、Read and choose (选出不同类的单词.10分)

( )1、 A under B lady C behind

( )2、 A sweet B salty C favourite

( )3、 A cabbage B banana C tomato

( )4、 A beef B pork C tofu

( )5、 A Monday B today C Friday


( )6、 A tree B river C picture ( )7、 A math B China C Canada

( )8、 A. bedroom B. curtain C. kitchen ( )9、 A.river B. grass C. lake ( )10、 A. curtain B. mirror C.fresh

二.Read and write.(看一看,写一写。5%)

1. There is an near my bed.

2. My favourite day is .

3. There is some grass under the

4. I like

very much.


5.I often _______________ on Sundays.

三. Choose the best answer.(选择填空。10分)

( )1、He is ______ university student.

A / B a C an

( )2、--______your math teacher? --Mr Wang.

A What's B Where's C Who's

( )3、Is she young? _______________. She is old .

A Yes, she is B Yes,he is C No, she isn’t ( )4、I’d like some



A potatos B potato C potatoes

( )5、There are many________ in the rivers.

A fishs B fishes C fish

( )6、Are there ______horses on the farm?

A any B a C some

( )7、--Do you like the bag? --_________

A Yes, I do. B Yes, you do. C Yes, I don't.

( )8、____ you?

A Where about B What about C Who about

( ) 9、Zoom _________ empty the trash.

A cans B cann’t C can’t

( )10、Where is the cat? It’s ____the sofa .

A front B in front of C in front

四、Read and put in order.(排词成句。10分)



3 ?




5 .

五、Read and match.(将右栏答语前的题号填在左边的括号内。10分)

( ) 1.What’s she like?

( ) 2. Who’s your art teacher?

( ) 3. Is it a nature park ? A. I can make the bed. B. Quiet. C. I have fish.

( ) 4. What can you do? D. Mr. Zhang.

( ) 5. What’s your favorite fruit? E. Yes, I can.

( ) 6. Can you wash the clothes? F. Bananas.

G. Over the door. ( ) 7. What do you do on Saturdays?

( ) 8. Where is the air-conditioner? H. I often do my homework..

( ) 9.What do you have for dinner on Tuesdays? I. It’s Thursday.

( ) 10.What day is it today? J. Yes, it is .

六、Read and tick or cross( 阅读短文,判断正误,对的打√错的打×。5分)

Hello! My name is Tom. I like English very much. My favourite food is beef, eggplant and tofu. I’m very helpful. I can do the dishes, set the table and water the flowers. Today is Saturday. I often read books, do my homework and watch TV on Saturdays. What do you do on weekends?

My home is near a river, there are some mountains behind my house. There is a road in front of my house, you can see two bridges over it .Welcome to my home .


( ) 1. Tom likes beef ,eggplant and tofu.

( ) 2. Tom can do the dishes.

( ) 3. Tom often waters the flowers on Saturdays.

( ) 4. There are some mountains in front of Tom’s house.

( ) 5. There are two bridges over the river.

七、Read and choose. (阅读短文,选择符合短文意思的选项。10分)

Hi! I’m Deng Ming. I’m from Lasha.Today is Tuesday. We have

math, Chinese and computer on Tuesdays. I like math very much. My

math tis good. My math teacher is a young man. He is short and kind. He

is very smart. I like him.

We have eggplant and mutton for lunch on Wednesdays. I don’t like

onions. Beef is my favourite food.

Saturday is my favourite day, I often do housework for my mother. I

can clean the room, cook the meals and wash clothes. I do homework,


Winter comes. It’s very cold here .It snows heavily. The houses are

white. The mountains are white. Everything is white. It’s beautiful. We

can make a snowman and go skiing(滑雪).

( ) 1. What day is it tomorrow?

A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Thursday

( )2. What do they have for lunch on Wednesdays?

A. Pork and rice B. Eggplant and mutton C. Beef and


( )3. What is Deng Ming ‘s math teacher like?

A. He is smart and short . B. He is tall and kind.

C.He is active

( ) 4. What can Deng Ming do for his mother ?

A. Do homework B. Do housework C. Sweep the floor

( ) 5. What’s Deng Ming ‘s favourite food ?

A. Tomatoes B. Onions C. Beef


2013年下学期小学英语五上期末教学检测试题 听力材料

一、Listen and choose.(听录音,选出你所听到的单词。10分)

1、kind 2、quiet 3、Monday 4、watch TV 5、tomatoes and mutton

6、sweet 7、do the dishes 8、closet 9、under 10、take

二、listen and number (听句子,标序号。每个句子读两遍。10分)

1. There is an end table, a picture and a bed in my room.

2. I'm helpful. I can water the flowers.

3.Is there a forest near the house ? Yes, there is.

4.I often read books on Sundays.

5.I like Wednesdays, because we have mutton and cabbage .

三、Listen and answer(听问句,选择正确的答句。10%)

1、 What do you have on Mondays?

2、 Is there a nature park ?

3、 Sarah, what can you do ?

4、 Are you helpful at home ?

5、 What’s your principal like?

四、Listen and complete.(听录音,补全单词。10%)

1、I often water the flowers on Wednesdays.

2、--Is there a river in the park?

--Yes, there is.

3、--Where is the mirror?

--It's on the end table.

4、I can clean the bedroom.

5、I don't like grapes. They are sour.



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