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1)hello hi morning afternoon evening

Su Hai WangBing Helen Mike (Amy Tommy Nancy Joe) dad mum teacher daddy mummy

book bag pencil pencil box cow duck pig cat dog

fruit banana pear mango peach (apple lemon watermelon)

2)crayon pencil case mouse bug monkey panada penguin yellow red blue purple green black (pink white brown) nose toes head eye ear mouth

mother father sister brother ball umbrella towel ring grandmother grandfather family frog fish van vest violin Chip Beth Donny Kim

1 one 2 two 3 three 4 four 5 five 6 six 7 seven 8 eight 9 nine 10 ten


1)good morning good afternoon good evening

my bag a book a bag a pencil a pencil box

a banana a pear a mango a peach

a cow a duck a pig a cat a dog on a farm

2)a pencil case a crayon a mouse a bug a dog a monkey a panada a ball an umbrella a towel a ring

stand up sit down open your book close your book take out your book put away your book touch your nose

touch your toes touch your head touch your eye touch your ear touch your mouth pick up the ball put down the ball

catch the ball throw the ball roll the ball bounce the ball look at my family look at my brother look at my sister

look at my grandmother look at my grandfather


1)Hello,I’m Su Hai. Hi, I’m Mike. Good morning. Good morning,Miss Li. This is my mum. This is my dad.

This is a bag. Put the book in the bag. Is this a banana? Yes,it is. What’s this? It’s a cow I am a cat. I love you. One for Tommy.

2)I’m Chip. What’s your name? I’m Donny.

Hi.My name’s Kim. Hello, I’m Beth.

Good-bye. See you later. What’s this? It’ a book.

What’s your name? I’m… Sorry. That’s O.K.

Are you ready? Yes. Thank you. You’re welcome. Who’s he? He’s my brother.

Who’s she? She’s my sister.


1、 所有标1)的都是牛津教材的内容,标2)的都是灵通教材的内容。

2、 请家长指导孩子复习这些知识,要求孩子能够熟练认读。

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