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1、 Her______should not be confused with miserliness; as long as I have known her, she has always been willing to

assist those who are in need.

(A) intemperance

(B) intolerance

(C) apprehension

(D) diffidence

(E) frugality


3、 Without the psychiatrist’s promise of confidentiality, trust is______and the patient’s communication limited; even

though confidentiality can thus be seen to be precious in therapy, moral responsibility sometimes requires a willingness to______it.

(A) implicit...extend

(B) ambiguous...apply

(C) prevented...uphold

(D) assumed...examine

(E) impaired...sacrifice


5、 While Parker is very outspoken on issues she cares about, she is not______; she concedes the______of opposing

arguments when they expose weaknesses inherent in her own.

(A) fickle...validity

(B) arrogant...restraint

(C) fanatical...strength

(D) congenial...incompatibility

(E) unyielding...speciousness


7、 Exposure to sustained noise has been claimed to______blood pressure regulation in human beings and, particularly,

to increase hypertension, even though some researchers have obtained inconclusive results that______the relationship.

(A) sharpen...conflate

(B) increase...diminish

(C) aggravate...buttress

(D) disrupt...neutralize

(E) impair...obscure

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