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班级 _______ 姓名 _________ 分数___________

I. Choose the best answer (选择最恰当的答案): (共15分)

( ) 1. My parents often say to me, “Be ____ honest boy today and ____ useful man

tomorrow.” A. the; an

B. a; an

C. an; a

D. an; an

( ) 2. Though the computer is very powerful, ____ someone has to program it with

instructions. A. but

B. / B. on

C. and

D. or D. by

D. three quarters

( ) 3. The picture shows that all the numbers are counted ____ tens.

A. in

C. with

( ) 4. About ____ of the teachers in this school are women teachers.

A. one-seconds B. second-three

C. four-fifth

( ) 5. When I’m unhappy, I will look for ____ to do.

A. something interesting B. interesting something C. interesting anything

D. anything interesting

( ) 6. Now many Chinese mainland tourists like travelling from one place to ____ to enjoy

the beautiful scenery of Taiwan. A. other A. happy

beautiful. A. to walk

B. to not walk B. went B. how to do

C. walk C. have gone

D. not to walk D. have been D. what to do D. to speak

( ) 9. They ____ to that shopping mall many times since they moved here.

A. will go

( ) 10. I really don’t know ____ next; please give me some advice.

A. what to do it A. spoke

C. when to do C. speak

( ) 11. New Century English has made the students ____ English more fluently than before.

B. speaking

( ) 12. I have no idea about the information on festivals in England. Will you please ____ in

the encyclopaedia for me? A. look it up

B. others C. another D. the others B. unhappy

C. sadly

D. excited

( ) 7. What’s the matter with Nancy? She looks ____.

( ) 8. The teacher told us ____ on the grass in the garden. We must keep the garden

B. look up it


C. look for it D. look at it

( ) 13. He shouted, “____. You’re Superman.”

A. I know who you are

B. I know who are you D. I know who were you C. I know who you were

means ____.

A. prepare

— ____.

A. The same to you

II. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms (用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子)(8分)

1. Mrs Brown’s office is on the ____________ floor. It’s the top floor of the building. (forty)

2. I met an old friend of ____________ when I was doing shopping in the market. (I)

3. The exercises of Unit 1 are much ____________ than those of Unit 4. (easy)

4. This is just one of her ____________. She has lots of other strange experiences. (adventure)

5. Who ____________ the computer? It’s really a wonderful invention. (invention)

6. This is a very ____________ and useful engine. All the workers like it very much. ( power)

7. It is ____________ to understand every single word when reading an article. (necessary)

8. In the past, some plants and animals all died ____________. (sudden)

III. Rewrite the sentences as required(按要求改写句子,每空格限填一词)( 10分)

1. All of the teachers are in the office at the moment. (改为否定句)

____________ of the teachers ____________ in the office at the moment.

2. This box is so heavy that I can’t carry it. (改为简单句)

This box is ____________ heavy for me ____________ carry. 对画线部分提问)

____________ ____________ shows a modern MP5 player?

4. Disney used to write cartoon stories about Mickey Mouse.(改为反意疑问句)

Disney used to write cartoon stories about Mickey Mouse, ____________ ____________?

5. Betty doesn’t have potatoes for breakfast. Neither does Peter. (保持原句意思)

Neither Betty ____________ Peter ____________ potatoes for breakfast. B. Don’t worry C. I am glad you like it D. So do I B. fix C. remove D. change ( ) 15. — Thank you very much for your beautiful birthday card, Betty. ( ) 14. My watch doesn’t work. But I don’t know how to it. The underlined word


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