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复习 2

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重点句型:1.-How do you study for a test?

-I study by??.

(by working with Friends by making flashcards by reading the textbook by making vocabulary lists by working with a group.)

by 介词,表示“通过?方法或途径”的意思,译成“靠、通过” by后面可以加名词或动名词短语。

2-.Have you ever studied with a group? -Yes, I have. I've learned a lot that way.

2)practice n。& v. 练习,实习,实践,practice doing sth. 练习干某事 语法分析

1. used to 过去常常做某事,暗指现在已经不存在的动作或状态. 后跟动词原形. used to do sth

be/get used to doing sth.习惯于, to 为介词.

3. 反意疑问句:

① 陈述部分的主语为 this, that, 疑问部分主语用it; 陈述部分主语用 these, those, 疑问部分用they 做主语.

例: This is a new story, isn’t it?

Those are your parents, aren’t they?

② 陈述部分是 there be 结构, 疑问部分仍用 there

例: There was a man named Paul, wasn’t there?

③ I am 后的疑问句, 用aren’t I

6.alone = by oneself 独自一人. lonely 孤独的, 寂寞的.

It is + n. /adj + to do. 意为做某事如何??例:

It is fun to learn English.学英语很有趣。

It's not good to speak when you have meals.吃饭时说话不好。

5. if引导的条件状语从句,主句用一般将来时,从句用一般现在时代替将来时 如: If you don' t hurry up, you' ll be late. 如果你不快点,你将会迟到。

9. because of , because

because of + 名词/代词/名词性短语

3. belong to 属于 如:That English book belongs to me.

6. anything strange 一些奇怪的东西。当形容词修饰 something, anything, nothing, everything 等不定代词时,放在这些词的后面。

17. there be sb./ sth. doing 如:There is a cat eating fish. There must be something visiting our home.

30. 名词所有格。名词所有格的构成有两种形式 ①是在名词后面加's或是以s结尾的名词,只在名词的后面加' 。 如:Ann’s book 安的书, our teachers’ office 我们老师们的办公室 注:双方共有的所有格,只在后面一个名词加's,

如: Lily and Lucy’s father 莉莉和露西的爸爸(她们的爸爸是同一个人) ②有?of ?介词短语表示无生命东西的所有格 如:a picture of my family 我家人的相片

1. prefer动词 更喜欢 宁愿

更喜欢某事 我更喜欢英语。

宁愿做某事 我宁愿坐着。 同?相比更喜欢? 与猫相比我更喜欢狗。

宁愿做某事而不愿做某事 我宁愿走路也不愿坐着。

12. 放在句子中间/句首,不能和but 连用

3. 对?有坏处的


30. photography n. 摄影 photograph n. 照片 相片

photographer n. 摄影师

25.stay healthy保持健康

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