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六年级总复习( xiu)

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一、 连词成句。

1. play , don’t, football, here (!)

2. never, the, guitar, I ,play (.)

4. out, the, window, I, looking, am, of

5. on, apples, how, are, the, tree, many, there (?)

6. when, you, are, going, to, supermarket, the, go, to (?)

7. is, matter, the, what(?)

9. was, he, born, where (?)

10. you, got, a, have, bike? 3. like, Lingling, bananas, does (.) 8. is, why, sleeping, he, early (?)

11. had, Susan, a, fever (.)

13. are, there, two, birthdays, in, July (.)

14. I, going, am, get, at, up, five, to (.)

16. why, give, him, don’t, you, a, kite (?)

17. David, study, what, going, to ,is (?

18. are, the, apples, down, falling, the, stairs (.)

19. I, the, playing, am, piano (.)

20. wearing, you, are, why, a, raincoat(?) 12. making, soup, some, I’m (.) 15. It, be, will, in, Shanghai, windy(.)

21. do, you, what, want (?)

23. cleaned, the, boy, the, window, yesterday (.)

24. lanterns, are, two, there (?)

25. can, you, this, out, about, words, Chinese, in, find, dictionary (.)

22. riding, a, bike, is, now, he (.)


stand, go, high, listening, hold

1. You should _________my hand when you cross the road.

2. Daming can jump very_________.

3. Look! Jim and his father are __________to music.

4. Please _________in line.

5. They often ____________fishing at the weekend.

back, proud, sending, study, all over

1. I’m going to ____________Physics and History this September.

2. She went ___________the world.

3. He was very __________of his father.

4. Daming is ____________to China with his family.

5. I’m _____________some photos now.

July, doing, listening, taller, twenty

1. Sixteen and four is ______________.

2. My friend is ____________to music.

3. The men are ____________Taijiquan.

4. There are 31 days in __________.

5. Amy is _________than Lingling.

space, capital, mine, shouldn’t, cute

1. Liu Yang is the first Chinese woman in ____________.

2. Lily is a _____________girl, We all like her.

3. You ____________stand on the desk.

4. This book is not __________. It’s Ms Smart’s.

5. Washington, D.C. is the ____________of America.

about, elephant, noodles, present, hands, walks

1. Lisa’s mother often __________to work.

2. I have got a new book. It’s _______________animals.

3. The _____________has got a long nose, two big ears and four strong


4. -----Here is your birthday______________!

------Thank you!

5. We write with our _____________.

fantastic, goodbye, hour, starts, sit down

1. They ran for half an ________.

2. Please ___________. It’s time for class.

3. Ms Smart is a ____________teacher.

4. You should say ___________to your aunt.

5. Be quick! Our English class _____________at night.
























8. out of, station, square, should, have lunch, spent, make mistakes, go swimming Many old women like dancing on the ________after supper. I’m looking _________the window. You _________look, then cross the road. It’s easy to ___________with English. They _____________about three days in space. We __________________ at twelve o’clock every day. It’s very hot outside. Let’s ______________________. I can see some trains at the __________. French, control, into, line, soup, August, peace, at The countries of the UN want to bring ________to the world. There are two birthdays in __________. I like playing football and I can ________the ball very well. Sam does morning exercises ______nine o’clock every day. In October 2003 Yang Liwei flew ____space in Shenzhou V. She’s got a letter in ________but she can’t read it. Your clothes are on the ___________. ---Can I have some ________? ----Yes, you can. fantastic, on foot, How many, can’t, could, How long, bad, by plane ----__________bananas do you want? ---Six, please. ---__________is the desk? ----It’s 1.2 meters long. Lingling can catch the ball well. She is a ________goalkeeper. My school is near my home. I go to school __________every day. Lucy’s picture is ____________. She wants to draw a good one. Shanghai is far from here. We should go there_________. Lily was a dancer many years ago. She ________dance well. I _______carry the bag. Who can help me?

are proud of, bamboo, tells jokes, enough water, rode a horse, shopping list, is not good at, all over the world

1. We didn’t have ________________to drink.

2. My father ___________in Xinjiang last holiday.

3. I’m going to travel _________________in the future.

4. We _______________Yang Liwei. He is the first Chinese in space.

5. She often ______________. She is funny.

6. The boy _____________computers. His teacher helps him.

7. Pandas like ___________.

8. I want to buy many things for the festival. Let’s make a ______


A. 回答问题:

My name is Mike . I am twelve years old. I’m tall and strong. I like playing basketball. I began to learn it three years ago. I play basketball after school from Monday to Friday. My favourite basketball player is Lin Shuhao. But my friend, Tom ,likes Yao Ming.

1. Is Mike strong?

2. What’s Mike’s hobby?

3. Does Mike often play basketball?

4. Who is Mike’s favourite basketball player?

5. Is Tom Mike’s cousin?

B. 判断正误:

One Sunday afternoon, Mum did the housework. My brother came in my room and said, “ Mum asks us to help her.”

I was reading a story book. “You can help her. I’m busy,” I said. After a while(过了一会儿), I was hungry and came to the kitchen. I saw lots of watermelon peels(西瓜皮).”Did you eat up (吃光) all the watermelon? Why didn’t you keep some for me?” I shouted.

Mum said, “He wanted to leave some for you. But you were too busy. You were too busy. You had no time to eat. So we ate up all of it.

( )1. My mum did the housework on Sunday afternoon.

( )2. I helped my mother do the housework.

( )3. I saw lots of watermelon peels in the kitchen.

( )4. My brother wasn’t at home on Sunday afternoon.

( )5. My mum ate up all the watermelon.

Look at this man. He’s carrying a big box. There are many apples in the box. He wants to put it on his bike and take it home. Can he do that? No, I don’t think so. Why? Because his box is too heavy. Oh! The box is falling down. The apples are on the ground. What a mess! Who can help him? Some children are coming. They help the man pick up the apples. They help the man put the box on the bike. The man is very happy. And he says “Thank you.”

( )1. The box is not big.

( )2. There are some pears in the box.

( )3. The man wants to put the box in a car.

( )4. The children help the man pick up the apples

( )5. The man is very happy.

C. 短文填空:

My name is Bob. I’m twelve. I’m from America. Now I live in Shanghai with my parents. I am going to go to No.16 Middle School. I am going to learn Chinese. I think it’s hard but interesting. I have got a friend here. Her name is Lucy. She is from England. She is younger than me. She is in the same school with me.





5. Bob is an ____________boy. Bob lives in ____________now. Bob is going to learn ______________. Lucy is from ________________. Bob is ___________than Lucy.

D. 读短文,选择正确的答案:

Mary is from England. She teaches English in China now. She knows a little Chinese. She often goes shopping on Saturday. Today is Saturday. Mary goes to the shop by car. She wants a quilt(被子). “What can I do for you?” the girl in the shop asks her in Chinese. Mary thinks and says in Chinese , “Beizi.” Then the girl goes to the back of the shop. “My Chinese is not bad. The girl understands me.” Mary thinks. She is happy. Soon the girl comes back. She shows Mary a cup.

( ) 1. Where’s Mary from?

A. America B. England C. China

( ) 2. What does Mary do?

A. A nurse B. A doctor C. A teacher

( ) 3. What does Mary often do on Saturday?

A. Does some washing B. Goes shopping C. Goes to school.

( ) 4. How does Mary go to the shop?

A. By bus B. By train C. By car

( ) 5. What does the girl think Mary want?

A. A cup B. A quilt C. A book.

Mrs White comes back from work. She tells Mr White about a nice dress. “I see it in the window of a shop every day”’ she says, “And…”

“And you want to buy it?” says Mr White, “How much is it?” “Two hundred and sixty dollars.” “Two hundred and sixty dollars for a dress? That’s too much!” But every evening when Mr White comes back, Mrs White talks about the dress! Here’s the money!” Mrs White is very happy.

But the next evening, when Mr White wants to have a look at the nice dress, Mrs White says, “ I don’t want to buy it.” “Why?” Mr White asks. “Well, it is still in the window of the shop after a week. So I think no one wants this dress. And I don’t want it, either.”

( )1. Mrs White sees a nice dress__________.

A. at the airport B. in a shop window C. at the supermarket

( )2. Mrs White tells Mr White about the dress and she wants him to _.

A. have a look at the dress. B. make one for her C. buy it for her

( )3. Mr White thinks the dress is very _______.

A. expensive B. cheap C. long

( )4. Does Mr White agree Mrs White to buy the dress at last?

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. C. We don’t know.

( )5. Mrs White doesn’t want to buy the dress at last because____.

A. It is old B. it is too small C. she doesn’t think it is good.

One day, Tony met his friend, Alan. The two men walked down the street together. Then Tony

remembered something. “I lent(借给)you ten dollars last week,” he said, “Can you give it back to me?”

“I’m very sorry, Tony,” Alan said, “I forget about it. I have no money with me today. I will give it back to you tomorrow.”

“All right,” Tony said. Robber(强盗)came up while they were talking. He had a knife in his hand. Alan and Tony were afraid.

“Give me your money,” the robber said to tony. Tony took out his money and gave it to the robber. “Give me your money,” the man said to Alan. Alan thought quickly. He took out his money, but he didn’t give it to the robber He gave it to Tony and said, “I owe(欠钱)you some money, Tony. Here it is.”

( )1. Tony and Alan are cousins.

( )2. Tony lent Alan 10 dollars.

( )3.The robber had a knife in his hand.

( )4.Tony didn’t give his money to the robber.

( )5.Alan had no money with him that day.

I’m Betty. I’m from Australia. I speak English. Now I live in China with my parents. I came here three months ago. I study in Nanjing Road Primary School in Shanghai with. I have got two Chinese friends, Li Min and Chen Jie. I teach them English. They teach me Chinese. I can speak some Chinese now. I can talk with them in Chinese. But sometimes I make mistakes.

1. Betty is from_________________.

2. Betty lives in _______________with her parents now.

3. Li Ming and Chen Jie are Betty’s Chinese_________________.

4. Betty ____________________speak some Chinese.

5. Betty _______________makes mistakes when she speaks Chinese.

Fred drops a needle(针)in the room. He looks for it. But it’s dark in the room. He looks for it. But it’s dark in the room. He can’t find it. He goes out and looks for the needle in the road. His friend sees him, “What are you doing?” his friend asks.

“I dropped my needle. I am looking for it.” Fred says.

“Where did you drop it?” his friend asks.

“I dropped it in my room.”

“Why are you looking for it in the road?” “Because it’s dark in my room. I can’t see it. And it’s bright in the road . I can see it.”

( )1.Fred lost a needle in the road.

( )2.It is dark in the room.

( )3.Fred meets his friend in the room.

( )4.Fred is clever.

( )5.Fred can find his needle.

Ben is a good boy from London. He is going to visit his grandparents in New York next week. He wants to give some presents to them. Yesterday he went shopping with his parents. He bought a blue sweater and some flowers for his grandmother. He also bought some books for

his grandfather. His parents said they were very good presents. Ben was very happy.

( )1. Where are Ben’s grand parents?

A. In London. B. In New York. C. In Nanjing

( )2. What did Ben do yesterday?

A. He went shopping with his parents.

B. He went shopping with his friends.

C. He visited his grandparents

( )3. How many people went shopping yesterday?

A. One. B. Two. C. Three.

( )4. He bought ________for his grandfather.

A. a blue sweater B. some books C. some flowers

( )5. When is Ben going to visit his grandparents?

A. Tomorrow B. Next month C. Next week.

I’m Lin Tao. I’m fourteen years old. Five years ago, I was fat and short. My parents asked me to do more exercises. Now I’m tall and strong. I think doing more exercises is good for health. I ran in the playground every morning and I often go swimming at the weekend. Running and swimming are my hobbies now. Next Thursday, we are going to have a Sports Day. I’m going to run 100 metres and 200 metres I think I will be the winner.

( )1.Lin Tao was _______five years ago.

A .n ine B. ten C.twelve

( )2. Lin Tao was very ___________five years ago.

A. short and thin B. tall and thin C. fat and short,

( )3. Lin Tao goes swimming___________.

A. in the evening B. at the weekend C. in the evening

( )4. Lin Tao likes ___________very much.

A. shopping B. doing exercises C. laughing

( )5. They are going to have a Sports Day____________

A. next Monday B. next Tuesday C. next Thursday

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