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1.We have our summer holidays _____ July and August.

A. in B. on C. at D. to

2.We must ______ the window when we leave the room.

A. closes B. close C. closing D. closed

3.The film has _______ for twenty minutes.

A. began B. begin C. been on D. be on

4.I will ____ some friends to my home.

A. invite B. inviting C. invites D. invited

5.She wants ____ the Magic Camera.

A. use B. used C. to use D. uses


1.A 这里 July and August 是指七月和八月,在月份前加介词 in

2.B 这里 must + 动词原形, 所以用 must close the window 必须关窗

3.C 这里 for + 一段时间,应该用持续性动词,所以用 been on 已经上映了...

4.A 这里 will + 动词原形,表示:将... 所以用 will invite,将邀请...

5.C 这里 want to do 是指 “想做...”,所以用 to use


Jack was over 60 years old. One day he went to see a doctor because he was always tired. After the check-up, the doctor said, “Medicine won’t help you. You must have a good rest, go to a quiet place for a month, go to bed early, drink milk, take a walk after dinner and smoke one cigarette a day.”

“Thank you very much.” said Jack, “I will take your advice.”

A month later Jack came to see the doctor again. “Well,” said the doctor. “I am glad to see you. You look much better.”

“Oh, doctor.” said Jack, “I feel quite well now. I had a good rest. I went to bed early. I drank a lot of milk, and I took a walk after dinner. Your advice certainly helped men. But you told me to smoke one cigarette a day, and that one cigarette nearly killed me at first. You know. It’s not easy to start smoking at my age.

1.Why did Jack go to see the doctor?

A. Because he always felt busy. B. Because he always felt unhappy.

C. Because he always felt tired. D. Because he always felt nervous.

2.What did the doctor tell Jack to do?

A. To have a good rest and drink milk B. To do exercise and smoke one cigarette a day.

C. To have a good rest, drink milk, do exercise, and smoke one cigarette a day. D. To have a good rest.

3.Did Jack take the doctor’s advice?

A. Yes, he did. B. No, he didn’t.

C. Yes, he does. D. No, he doesn’t.

4.How did Jack feel after a month?

A. He felt much worse. B. He felt bad.

C. He felt much better. D. He felt so-so.

5.Jack was a heavy smoker, wasn’t he?

A. Yes, he was. B. No, he wasn’t.

C. Yes, he is. D. No, he isn’t.


1.C. 因为他总是感觉很累.

2.C. 医生告诉Jack 好好休息, 喝一些牛奶, 做一些锻炼, 一天吸一根烟.

3.A. Jack 采纳了医生的建议.

4.C. 他感觉好多了.

5.B. 不, 他不是. (这里是过去时)


The Dead Sea is not a sea. It is a big __1__in the Jordan Valley. The water which runs into the Dead Sea comes from the north. The lake is 400 meters below sea level. The sun is hot there and the __2__is salty. __3__can not live in the salty water, and __4__can’t grow near it. People can’t __5__in the Dead Sea.

1. A. river B. lake C. sea D. ocean

2. A. water B. fire C. cold D. steam

3. A. Plants B. Fishes C. Eggplants. D. Dogs.

4. A. fishes B. plants C. eggplants D. dogs

5. A. drink B. swim C. play D. sink


1.B. It is a big lake. 意为 “它是一条大湖.”

2.A. The water is salty. 意为 “水是咸的.”

3.B. Fishes can not live in the salty water. 意为 “鱼不能在咸水里生存.”

4.B. Plants can’t grow near it. 意为 “植物在它周围不能生长.”

5.B. People can’t swim in the Dead Sea. 意为 “人们不能在死海里游泳.”



W_ n___ t_ s____ h___.


I a_ p___ a_ E______ a__ C______.


I h___ t_ p_______ E______ a__ C______ m___.


I w____ l___ t_ b_ a d_____.


Y__ w___ b_ m___ b________ i_ t__ f_____.



We need to study hard.


I am poor at English and Chinese.


I have to practise English and Chinese more.


I would like to be a doctor.


You will be more beautiful in the future.

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