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Hello , everyone: Today ,I will take everyone to eat Shaanxi characteristics snacks.

? Mouth bite Xi'an,follow me!!! ? 跟随我一起来“大嘴咥西安’’!

? 牛(羊)肉泡馍
Pinyin:Niu (Yang) Rou Pao Mo
English Name: Beef (Lamb) Stew of Bread Cooking Method: Stew pieces of halfcooked bread in beef (lamb) broth til wellcooked


Pinyin: Huang Gui Shi Zi Bing
English Name: Persimmon Osmanthus Cooking Method: Preserve/Sun-dry

? 灌汤包子
Pinyin: Guan Tang Bao Zi
English Name: Dumpling stuffed with Hot Gravy

? 腊汁肉夹馍
Pinyin: La Zhi Rou Jia Mo English Name: Shaanxi Sandwich/Shaanwich Cooking Method: Stuff Chinese bread with cooked pork

? 荞面饸饹 Pinyin: Qiao Mian He Luo English Name: Cold Buckwheat Noodles Cooking Method: Boil the buckwheat noodles. Serve cold with sashimi.

? 豆腐脑
Pinyin: Dou Fu Nao
English Name: Extra soft tofu Cooking Method: Serve hot extra soft tofu with seasonings.

? 秦川烩麻什
Pinyin: Qin Chuan Hui Ma Shi
English Name: Shaanxi Pasta Cooking Method: Boil/Stew

? 千层油酥饼
Pinyin: Qian Ceng You Su Bing English Name: Crispy Fried Pastry

Cooking Method: Steam/Fry

? 米面凉皮
Pinyin: Mi Mian Liang Pi English Name: Cold steamed rice noodles Cooking Method: Steam. Blend with seasonings. Serve cold.

? 粉蒸槐花
Pinyin: Fen Zheng Huai Hua

English Name: Flowers of Honey Locust, Steamed with Rice Cooking Method: Steam

? 粉汤羊血
Pinyin: Fen Tang Yang Xie
English Name: Jello Stew with Rice Noodles Cooking Method: Stew

? 乾州锅盔
Pinyin: Qian Zhou Guo Kui English Name: Qianzhou Crispy Pastry Cooking Method: Cook on a pan til dry and crispy

Due to time limit, we the shaanxi tour had to over! If you feel boundless, so, please come again shaanxi。 Welcome to shaanxi。

Thank you for your taste,see you next time!

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