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第7 讲

Module 1

Our Body and Healthy

第7讲 Module 1 Our Body and Healthy Habits

第7讲 │ 基础梳理

Ⅱ.短语检测 1.至少 2.朝??前进 3.生病了 4.一周四次 5.患感冒 6.宁愿

at least head towards/for get/fall ill four times a week catch/have/get a cold would rather

第7讲 │ 基础梳理

7.喜欢甜食 8.进行锻炼 9.对……着迷 10.发烧 11.不上班 12.支付……的费用

have a sweet tooth take exercise be crazy about have a fever be off work pay for…

第7讲 │ 基础梳理

Ⅲ.佳句再现 1.I ___________________________ take at least two hours’ exercise a week. 我每周至少锻炼两个小时。 2.When Zhou Kai’s mother saw him heading towards the front door ______________ eyed him _________________, without a jacket on she _____ anxiously.当周凯的妈妈看到他没穿夹克往 外走的时候, 她焦虑地看着他。 because I was ______________ stupid enough to 3. That’s ____________ play football in the rain. 那是因为我很傻, 竟然冒雨踢足球。

第7讲 │ 基础梳理

what I’ve said 4.So as ______________ you can see from _____________, I’m a normal kind of person. 所以, 正如你们从我上面所说的看出来的, 我是一个正常人。 to bed now or you will be really 5. Go ________________ tired tomorrow. 现在就上床睡觉, 否则明天你会很累的。
Ⅳ.单元语法 Nouns used as verbs; Will/be going to for future actions

第7讲 │ 单词点睛

mother n. book n. eye n. father n. finger n. house n. nurse n. sound n. taste n.

母亲→v. 溺爱;像母亲般地照顾 书→v. 预订 眼睛→v. 看, 注视 父亲→v. 像父亲般地照顾 手指→v. 用手指摸 房子→v. 提供住处 护士→v. 照料 声音→v. 听起来 味道→v. 品尝

3.祈使句+逗号+ and /or +简单句
Get up early, and you will catch the early bus. Get up early, or you will not catch the early bus.
(1) ____ Be quick ,and we can catch up with them. (be)

(2) Don’t ______ be discouraged, or you will not make progress. (be)

第7讲 │ 句型透视
2 Go to bed now or you will be really tired tomorrow. 现在就上床睡觉, 否则明天你会很累的。 句型公式 祈使句+and/or+主语+will do sth. 【句式点拨】 祈使句表达的含义相当于一个if引导的条件句。and或or后的句 子用will, 表示将来。 【温馨提示】 该句型的祈使句部分有时会退化为名词短语, 增加学生对该 句型的辨认难度。如: One more word and I will knock you flat. 你再说一句话, 我就会把你揍扁。

第7讲 │ 句型透视

【活学活用】 Take more exercise and (1) _____________________ you will get really fit. 多锻炼身体, 你就会变得很健康。 careful with your diet or you will (2) Be _______________________ put on weight easily. 小心你的饮食, 否则你会容易变胖。

第8 讲

Module 2

No Drugs

第8讲 Module 2


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