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第六册第四课选词填空 B6U4P61

1. It is neither socially nor economically ______ that every city dweller owns a car.

(desirable想要的值得拥有的) 每个城市里的定居者都拥有一辆汽车,这无论是社会层面还是经济层面都是不值得的。

2) The seventeen miners who have been ______ underground for three days are said to be unlikelyto survive.

(trapped被困) 这十七位矿工已经被困在地下三天了,生还希望渺茫。

3)Joe doesn't seem interested in any academic liberal arts subjects, but ______ sports, he is thepride of the class.

(when it comes to至于… 谈到…) 乔对所有的文科课程看起来都没兴趣,但是要是说到体育方面,那他绝对是班里的骄傲。

4) Although I'm so successful I'm really rather a failure. That's a ______, isn't it?

(paradox自相矛盾) 尽管我很成功,但是我却真的是个失败者。这很自相矛盾,不是吗?

5) Schools should ______ the hopes and needs of poorer children, giving them a chance in society.(fulfill满足履行实施) 学校都应该通过给穷困的孩子们一个在社会立足的机会,从而实现他们的各种希望和满足各种需要。

6)This new book will be of interest to policemen and prison officer, and ______ to anyone whohas to deal with criminal. (for that matter就此而言,而且) 这本新书会吸引警察、狱警还有任何与犯罪分子打交道的人。

7)The work is not very profitable ______ money, but I'm getting valuable experience out of it. (in terms of与…有关,涉及到) 说到钱,这份差事没有多少利润可言,但是我将会从中获得宝贵的经验。

8)She is still working on it despite all the adversities. I ______ admire her indomitable spirit. (can’t help but禁不住忍不住) 尽管有各种困难,她还是在努力做那件事,我禁不住对她这种不服输的精神崇敬不已。

9)Each sales team targets its efforts at a particular ______ of the general population.

(segment) 每个销售团队都把特定的群体作为自己的销售目标。

10)The authors point out that their study was done in a ______ area and results may differ withurban clients. (rural偏远的遥远的) 这些作者都指出他们的研究是在偏远地区进行的,所以研究结果会与城市里的研究对象不同。

11)This factory only produces TV consoles(机壳); the inside electronic ______ are made elsewhereand shipped to the factory.

(component部件) 这家工厂只生产电视机的外壳,而里面的电子元器件则是在别的地方生产出来然后运到这家工厂的。

12)Concerned about overcrowding, the Texas prison wardens sent a petition to the governor askingfor prison ______. (reform改革) 因为担心监狱里人满为患,德克萨斯州的典狱长们给州长发去请愿书要求对监狱进行改革。

13)Never feel that exercising is a waste of time, because a healthy body can help you to ______disease. (resist抵御抵抗) 永远都别把锻炼身体当作是浪费时间,因为健康的体魄有助于你抵御疾病。

14)The death of the king received widespread coverage in the ______.

((mass) media大众传媒) 这位国王的去世的消息被大众传媒广泛报道。

15)The unusual ______ of the bookshelves in the city library makes is easy to find the book youwant.

(arrangement布局,摆放) 这家市立图书馆的书架布局很少少见,这使得借阅者很容易找到自己想要的书。

16)Dick remains clam and ______ undisturbed by the recent crisis.(seemingly表面看起来) 迪克面对最近的危机表现的很平静,表面看起来不为所动。

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