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Unit 1 When is your birthday?

Section A, 1b Conversation 1

A: When is your birthday, Linda? B: My birthday is on______ _____ Conversation 2

A: When is your birthday, Mary? B: It’s on _______ __________. Conversation 3

A: When is your birthday,Mike? B: My birthday is on _____ ______ Section A, 2b&2c

A: Now, Alice, ____ ______are you? B: I’m thirteen.

A: When is your birthday?

B: It’s on ______ ______, Mr Smith. A: Oh, OK. And how about Frank?

B: Frank isn’t here today, but his birthday is on____ _____. A: Thank you, Alice. And Eric?

C: My birthday is on________ _____.

A: On____ ______ . OK, and Jane, when is her birthday? C: Her birthday is on _____ _______.

Section B, 1b&1c(听写)




Unit 2 My favorite subject is science. Section A, 1b

A: Hi, Anna! How is your first day of school?

B: Hey, Linda. It’s good. I’m happy to see all my friends. What about you? A: Me, too. And my clases are great. B: What’s your favorite _______?

A: My favorite subject is ______. What’s yours?

B: Hmm, well, I like _____and_____. But my favorite subject is______. Section A, 2a

A: What’s your favorite subject? B: My favorite subject is_______. A: Why do you like _____? B: Because it’s ______ Section A, 2b

A: What’s your favorite subject? B: My favorite subject is____. A: Why do you like______?

B: Because it’s fun. Hoe about you? What’s your favorite subject?

A: Hmm.My favorite subject is______. B: Really? Why?

A: Because it’s ______.

B: What subject do you not like?

A: I don’t like _____ because it’ s _____.

B: Really? I don’t like_____ because it’s really _______ Section A 2d(听写)



Section B, 1b&1c

A: Hi, David. How are you? Are you OK? B: No, I’m not. A: What’s wrong? B: It’s _____. A: So?

B: I have two______ ____ on Tuesday. A: You don’t like______?

B: No. It’s so _____. My father says it’s______, but I don’t think so. A: So what’s your favorite subject?

B:________. It’s difficult but interesting. A: When is your Chinese class?

B: It’s on _______ _____ _______ and______ I have to go now! I have _____,____ and______this morning.

A: Ok, see you at music class.

B: Bye!

Unit 3 Can you play the guitar? Section A1b

A: Can you_____? B: No, I can’t.

A: I want to join the ____ _____. B: Can you draw? A: Yes, I can.

A: I want to join the ______ _____. B: Oh, Can you sing? A: Yes, I can. 2a and 2b

1. Lisa wants to join the ____ club, but she can’t play_______.

2. Bob wants to join the ________club. He likes to speak__________.

3. Mary likes music. She can____ and _______.Bob likes music, too. They wants to join the _______club. 2d(听写)




Unit 4 What time do you go to school? 2a. Listen and fill in the blanks.

Interviewer: You have a big family, don’t you, Jim? Jim: Yes, I have _______ brothers and_____ sisters. Interviewer: Wow! How many showers do you have? Jim: We only have ______ shower. Interviewer: Is that difficult?

Jim: No, because we have a shower schedule. My brother Bob takes a shower first, at five thirty.

Interviewer: Wow! That’s early!

Rick: Yeah. Then my sister Mary takes a shower at ____ ____ Next my brother Jerry takes a shower at ____ ______. I take a shower at six thirty, my sister Anna at six forty-five …

2d (听写)




Unit 5How do you get to school? )________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


M: I love your home ,Bob. It’s so big . B: Thanks, Mary .My grandparents’ home is very big ,too.

M: Where do they ______?

B: Very ____ ______ my home . M : Oh, how far ?

B: It’s _____ five _______ kilometers from here. M : Well, that’s far .

B: Yes, it is. So I go there to see my grandparents ______ one or two ________ a year . M: How do you get there ?

B: I usually _______ the train .M: _____ ______ does it take ? B: It ______ about six hours ,and _______ I take the bus ______ the train station _____the home . M: Well, that’s a _______ trip . Section B 2b

There is a very big river________ their school the ________village . there is no ________ and

the river runs too__________ for boats. So these students_______ on a ropeway to cross the_______ to school.

One ______________boy, Liangliang, cross the river every school day.But he is not_______. “ I love to _____ _____ my classmates. And I love my teacher .He ’s ________ a father to me.’’ Many of the students and villagers never _______ the village .It is their _______to have a

bridge. Can their dream ________true?

Unit 6 Don't eat in class

2d and answer the questions. 1. Is John new at school? 2. Are there many rules at school? ___________

3. Can he bring music players to school? ______________

4. Do they have to always wear the school uniform? _______________

_______________ Section 2B

Listen to the tape,and answer:

1. Why does Molly write to Dr.Know? A. She has too much homework.

B. She feels unhappy about the rules, and wants to know what to do. C.She wants to talk about her everyday life. D.She can't watch TV on weekends. 2.What's Dr. Know's opinion?

A. He feels sorry about Molly.

B.The rules are good for us, so we must follow them. C.Molly can do anything she likes. D.He doesn't understand Molly.

Unit 7 Why do you like pandas?

2b. Listen again and complete the conversation with the words in Julie: Let’s see the _________________. John: Why do you like them?

Julie: Because they’re ____________ interesting. John: Where are they from?

Julie: They’re from _____________. 2d. Role-play the conversation.

Jenny: Your dog is _____ _____, Peter!

Peter: He’s my new pet, Dingding. He’s ____ smart. Jenny: Really? What can he do?

Peter: He can ____ ____ _____ ____. He can dance, too. Jenny: Wow!

Peter: Does your family have a pet?

Jenny: My mom _____ a big cat, but I don’t like her. Peter: Why don’t you like the cat?

Jenny: Well, because she’s_____ -_____ boring. She sleeps _____ _____, and her name is Lazy. Peter: Haha, then that’s a good name for her!

the box.

Unit 8 I’m watching TV

2a. Listen and answer these questions. 1. What is Steve doing?

2. What is Jack doing? 2B

Jack: Hello, Steve. Steve: Hi, Jack.

Jack: What______ you______, Steve?

Steve: I’m ____________. What about you? Jack: I’m_______________ , but it’s kind of _________.

Steve: Yeah, my TV show is also not very _________. Do you want to_____ the movies? Jack: That sounds good. 2d. (听写)

Jenny: Hello? ____ _____ Jenny. Laura: Hi, Jenny. ____ Laura here.

Jenny: Oh, hi, Laura. What are you doing? Laura: Not ____. I’m just _____ my clothes. What about you?

Jenny: I’m ____g TV. Do you want to join me

for dinner? My parents aren’t at home. We can ____ ____. Laura: Yeah, I’d love to.

Jenny: Let’s _____at my home first. Come at _____ past six. Laura: OK. See you ____.


Unit 1 When is your birthday? Section A, 1b Conversation 1 1May 2nd

Conversation 2 January 5 th Conversation3 June 3 rd Section A, 2b&2c

how old, September 5th , July 4 th.January 16 th, January 16th, August 22 nd. Section B 1B AND 1c(听写)

A: Hey, Sally. Can I ask you some questions? B: Sure, John..

A: When is your birthday party?

B: My birthday party is on October 4 th. A: OK, and when is the basketball game?

B: The basketball game? Oh, it’s on October 22nd. A: Good. And, umm, how about the school trip? B: The school trip is on September 26 th and 27th. A: And when is the English test?

B: Oh, that’s on Friday,September 29th. A: OK. Thank you!

Unit 2 My favorite subject is science. Section A, 1b

Subject, science, art , math, music. Section A, 2a PE, PE, fun. Section A, 2b

PE,PE,music, relaxing, history, boring, geography, difficult.

Section A, 2d(听写)

Hi, Bob. How is your day? It’s OK. I like Monday because I have P.E.and history. They’re my favorite subject. Who is your P.E. teacher?

Mr. Hu. He always play games with us.

That’s great. But why do you like history? It’s boring. Oh, I think history is fun. What’s your favorite day? Saturday. Why?

Because the next day is Saturday!

Haha! That’s for sure. I like Friday,too.

Section B, 1b&1c

Tuesday, math class, math,difficult,interesting,Chinese, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, math, Chinese, science

Unit 3 Can you play the guitar? Section A1b

Swim, art club, music club. 2a and 2b

Chess,chess, English,English, sing ,dance, music


Jane: Hi, Bob. What club do you want to join? Bob: I want to join a sport club.

Jane: Great!What sports can you play? Bob: Soccer.

Jane: So you can join the soccer club.

Bob: Jane: Sounds good. But I like to draw, too.

Bob: Then join two clubs, the story telling club and the art club! Jane: OK! Let’s join now!

Unit 4 What time do you go to school?


Two, two, one, five forty, six fifty, 2b

Five thirty, five fifty, six fifteen, six thirty, six forty-five


Scott has an interesting job. He works at a radio station. Scott, what time is your radio


From eleven o'clock at night to six o'clock in the morning. What time do you usually get up?

At eight thirty at night. Then I eat breakfast at 9. That's a fun time for breakfast!

Yeah. After that, I usually exercise at about 10:20. : When do you go to work?

At eleven o'clock, so I never late for work.

Unit 5How do you get to school?


Hey, Jane. Is this your new bike?

Yes, I ride it to school everyday. How do you get to school? I usually take the bus.

How far is it from your home to school?

I'm not sure,about 10 kilometers?The bus ride take about 22 minutes. How long does it take you to get to school? About 50 minutes by bike. It's good exercise. Yeah. Well, have a good day at school. You, too.


Live, far from, about kilometers, unly, time , take, How long, take, than, to, two, long, Section B 2b

Between , and, bridge, fast, goes, river, 11-years -old, afraid, play with, like, leaves, dreams, come,

Unit 6 Don't eat in class

2d and answer the questions. 1.2. 3. Yes ,he is.

4. Yes , there are. No , he can’t Section 2B

Yes ,they do. Listen to the tape,and answer: 1. B 2.B

Unit 7 Why do you like pandas?

2b. Listen again and complete the conversation with the words in

the box. Pandas, kind of,China. 2d

Really cute, very, walk on two legs, has, kind of, all day, 2a. Listen and answer these questions. 1. He is watching TV. 2. He is listening to a CD. 2B

Are ,doing, watching TV, listening to a cd, boring, interesting, go 2d

Hello? This is Jenny.

Hi, Jenny. It’s Laura here.

Oh, hi, Laura. What are you doing?

Not much. I’m just washing my cloth. What about you?

I’m watching TV. Do you want to join me for the dinner? My parents aren not at

home. We can eat out.

I’d love to.Let’s meet at my home first. Come it half past six. OK. See you than.

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