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Unit 4 My name’s Gina.

Section A, 1b Conversation 1

A: Good morning! I’m Cindy. B: Hello, Cindy. I’m Dale.

A: ______ ______ ______ _______. Conversation 2

A: What’s _____ ______? B: Alan.

A: Hello, Alan! I’m Ms Brown. Conversation 3

A: Hi,______ _______ Gina. B: ______ Jenny. Nice to meet you! A: Nice to meet you, too. Section A, 2a&2b Conversation1

A: Hello, ______your name? B: My name’s Alice. A: I’m Eric.

B: Nice____ _____ you.

Conversation 2 A: What’s _____ name? B: _____ name’s Eric. A: And what’s _____ name? B: ______ name’s Alice. Conversation 3

A: Excuse me, _____ ____ Eric? B: Yes, _____ _____. Are you Mike?

A: No, I’m not. I’m Bob. Nice _____ _____ you. B: Nice to meet you, too. Conversation 4

A: Good morning, boys and girls. My name’s Ms Miller. What’s your name?

B: My name’s Jack. A: And what’s ____ name? C: _______ name’s Mary. Section B, 1b

A: What’s your telephone number, Alan? B: It’s 278-_________.

A: 2-7-8________ Thanks. Section B, 1d&1e Conversation 1

A: Hello. What’ s your name? B: My name’s Tom.

A: What’s your telephone number? B: It’s_________. Conversation 2 A: Hi, Linda. B: Hello, Bill.

A: Linda, what’s your phone number? B: Oh, it’s, umm…________________. Conversation 3 A: Hi! I’m Ms Miller.

B: Hello, Ms Miller! My name’s Bob. A: What’s your phone number, Bob? B: My phone number? It’s___________. Conversation 4 A: Hello, Mary!

B: Oh, hi, Dale!

A: Mary, what’s your phone number? B: It’s ___________.

Unit 5 This is my sister. Section A 1b

A: That’s my _______. These are my _______. B: Who’s _____?

A: ______ my sister. Oh, and these are my ______. B:Who are________? A: They’re my ___________. 2a&2b

A: Cindy, is this your ________ _______? B: Yes, it is, Li Lan. A: Are these your_________?

B: Yes, they are. This is my _______ Jenny. And this is my _______Tom. A: Oh, who’s she?

B: She’s my ________Mary. A: Who’re they?

B: They’re my grandparents, Linda and Bob. A: And who’s ______? B: _________ my brother Jack.

Section B 1b&1c

A: This is a ______ of my family. This is my ________. B: Who’s________? A: ________ my uncle. B: And is she your __________?

A: Yes, she’s my cousin, Jiang Shan. And these are her friends. B: Who are________?

A: They’re my grandpa and grandma.

Unit6 Is this your pencil? 课本听力原文 Section A 1b Conversation 1

A: Are _________your_______?

B: No, they _______. They’re ______ Conversation 2

A: Is _______ your _______? B: No, it ______. It’s ______. Conversation 3

A: Is _______ your ______? B: Yes, it ____. It’s______.


Tom: Excuse me, Grace. Is this your ______? Grace: Yes, thank you. And those are my _______ Tom: And Jane, is this your ______? Jane: No, it isn’t. It’s ________

Tom: OK, and these are my ______. This is your ________, Jane. Section B 1c&1d Conversation 1

A: I lost my_______ this morning. B: OK. Is ______your________? A: No, it_______. That’s my watch. B: Here ______ are.

A: And that’s my ______. B: OK. What’s _____ name? A: ______- Conversation 2 A: That’s my _____. B: This?

A: Yes, and that’s my ______.

B: __________. What’s your name? A:_____.

B: OK. ______ your baseball. A: Thank _____.

Unit 7Where’s my schoolbag?

Section A 1b

A: Where are my books? B: They’re ____________.

A: How about my ___________? C: It’s ___________________.

A: OK, and where’s ______________?

C: Your computer game? It’s _________________. A: Great! Now where are_________________? B: Oh, they’re_______________. 2a & 2b

A: Hey, Helen! B: Yes?

A: Is my computer game______________? B: No, it isn’t. It’s __________________.

A: Oh, OK. How about ___________?Are they_______________, too?

B: No, they aren’t. They’re ____________________. A: Oh, so, where’s ______________? B: Hmm, it’s _________________. A: And where’s my ___________?

B: It’s _____________. And your ruler is _______________. A: Oh, I see. And where are _______________? B: The keys? They’re _______________.

A: Hi, Paul! Let’s play __________ ______

B: That ________ _________, Jenny. But I don’t have a computer. A: Well, do you have a ______? B: Yes.

A: Then let’s______ _____. B: Oh, volleyball is so ______. A : OK, let’s ______ ______.

B: That_______ ______. Hmm, let’s ______ _____. Do you have a ______________? A: No, I ______.

B: Oh, well, do you _____ a _______? A: Yes, I do. Let’s play_______. B: That______ _____

Unit 8 Do you have a soccer ball? Section A 1b

A: Do you have a_______ ______? B: Yes, I ____.

A: Do you have a ________ _______? B: No, I ______. 2a &2b

Conversation 1

A: Do you have a_____ _______, Paul? B: No, I _______

A: Does your brother Alan_____ one? B: Yes, he______. Conversation 2 A: Hi, Mike! B: Hi, John.

A: I want to play _______. Do you _____ a_________? B: Yes, I do. A: Great!

Conversation 3 A: Hi, Sally. B: Hi, _______.

A: Sally, this is _____ _____, Anna. B: Hi, Anna, nice to ______ you. C: Nice______ _____ you, Sally.

B: Let’s _____ _____. Do you _____ a _____ _____, Jane?A: Sorry, I______. Conversation 4

A: Do you ______ a _______, Dale?

B: No, I don’t. _____ my brother ____. Let’s _____ and ______ him. 2d

Cindy: Hey, Helen, _______ go! We’re _____! Helen: OK

Cindy: Do you _____ the ______? Helen: Yes, I do. It’s___________. Cindy: And where’s our __________? Helen: Bill _______ it.

Cindy: Oh, yeah. And do you have your jacket?

Helen: Oh, no, I_________. It’s ________. Let me get it. Cindy: And your_______, too!

Helen: OK, I have my ______ and ______. Let’s go!Section B 1b

A: Hi, Paul! Let’s play __________ ______

B: That ________ _________, Jenny. But I don’t have a computer. A: Well, do you ______ a ______? B: Yes.

A: Then let’s______ _____. B: Oh, volleyball is so ______. A : OK, let’s ______ ______.

B: That_______ ______. Hmm, let’s ______ _____. Do you have a _______ ________? A: No, I ______.

B: Oh, well, do you _____ a _______?

A: Yes, I do. Let’s play______ B: That______ _____

Unit 9 Do you like bananas?

Section A 1b Conversation 1

A: Do you like _______? B: Yes, I do. Conversation 2

A: Do you like _______? B: No, I don’t. Conversation 3

A: Do you like _______? B: Yes, I do 2a

Conversation 1

A: I like __________. Do you like __________? B: Yes, I do. Conversation 2

A: Do you like _________? B: No, I don’t like _______. Cnversation 3

A: Let’s have _______. B: Oh, no.

A: No? B: I don’t like_____ ______.

1c& 1d

A: Do you like ______? B: Yes, I _____. I like all _______.

A: How about ______? Do you like ______? B: Yes, I ______. It’s ______. Do you like ________?

A: No, I don’t like__________. Well, ______ salad. But I like _______.I like _______, _______.

B: How about _______? I don’t like _______.

A: Yes, I like _________. And do you ______ what I really ______? B: No. A: _____ ______! 2b

Sports Star Eats _____ !

David ________the volleyball star ,Cindy Smith, about her _________habits.

David: Hello ,Cindy. What do you like _______breakfast? Cindy: l love fruit. I think it’s ________.

David: OK. So ______ fruit do you like? Do you like bananas? Cindy: Well ,I don’t like bananas. ____ I like oranges and apples. David: What _____lunch? Do you like salad ? Cindy: Yes, I really like ____.

David: Hmm…and do you like hamburgers _____ dinner?

Cindy: Oh , no , they’re not ______. I like chicken _____ dinner.

David: OK, well, one last question---do you eat ice-cream _____ dinner?

Cindy: Err…I like ice-cream…but I don’t eat ____ . I don’t want ___ _____ fat

Unit 10 How much are these socks?

Section A 1b

A: How much is the _______? B: It’s six dollars.

A: And how much are these _______? B: Oh, they’re eight dollars.

A: And this ________? How much is it? B: Let’s see. It’s nine dollars. Section A 2a

Colors, black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, brown, purple, big, small, short, long Section A 2b&2c Conversation 1

A: I like big purple_______. Do you have one? B: Yes, I have this one here. A: How much is it? B: It’s____________ Conversation 2

A: I like this brown ________. How much is it? B: It’s _______________. Conversation 3

A: How much are those red _________? B: They’re ____________. Conversation 4

A: How much is that green__________? B: It’s __________. Conversation 5

A: I like those long blue and yellow___________. How much are they?

B: They’re only _________. Conversation 6

A: How much are the black_________? B: They’re__________.

Section B 1a

10,11,12,13,14,________,16,17,18,19,20,_______22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,______ Section B, 1c&1d

A: Oh, look! I like that blue sweater. Hoe much is it? B: ________dollars. Oh, I like these socks. A: Oh, no. I don’t like red. B: Do you like this T-shirt?

A: Mmm, yes, I do, but it’s ______dollars. B: Oh. How much is the green sweater?

A: It’s ________ dollars. But you have a green sweater. B: Mmm.

A: Oh, do you like these trousers? B: Oh, byes. How much are they? A: Only _______ dollar. B: OK, I’ll take them.

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