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Module 1

Small Talk
Introdution and speaking
大英县育才中学 钟时翠

Appreciation of a clip of the American TV series Do they have a pleasant talk?

In which photo do you think they are making small talk?

① ③

They are making small talks! Right?

What are the features of small talk?

informal, light, unimportant polite, friendly, relaxing, ordinary …

Can you guess where the following small talk happen? T: What do you think of yesterday’s football match between your class and Class 3? S1: It’s great. S2: We won. T: Do you know why you won? S3: We are strong. At school.

Woman: Ah, this bus seems to be running late. How long of a wait is it already? Man: I've been here for at least fifteen minutes now. Woman: Where are you heading today? Man: Actually, I'm going to the City Hall to cast my vote for mayor. Man: Oh, here's our bus. Woman: Oh great. At a bus stop.

Woman: Hi there. Man: Hi. I haven't seen you around here before. Have you been working long? Woman: No, I've only been here a few months. I work in the Human Resources Department. Man: Oh, you must make more money than I do then. I'm in Sales. Woman: Sales sounds like an interesting job. At the office.

Do you think where it happens?
Place it happens
party, Kara OK, trip, playground, café ,

cinema, park, bus stop, restaurant, school, office…

What is small talk?

Look at these definitions and answer the questions. 1. Informal conversation about things that are not important.
— Macmillan English Dictionary

2. Light conversation that people make at social occasions about unimportant things: We stood around making small talk.
— Collins Cobuild English Dictionary

3. Polite friendly conversation about unimportant subjects.
— Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

4.Conversation about ordinary or unimportant matters, usually at a social event: He has no small talk (this sentence means that he is not good at talking to people about ordinary or unimportant things).
— Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary4

Read the dictionary definitions above and answer the questions.
1 Which definitions make small talk sound like a positive thing? No.3 2 Which definitions refer to places where small talk might take place?
No.2 and 4

3 Why is it a problem if someone has no small talk? They find it difficult to make new friends. 4 What do you think is the Chinese for “small talk”?

Speaking Imagine that you and your friends are at a restaurant, cafe, or your own dormitory (宿舍) and do small talk. There are four conversation topics you can choose.

Group 1 talk about your exams. Group 2 talk about your favorite sports Group 3 talk about your favorite singers/film stars

Group 4 talk about your hobbies

Example: A: What's your favorite sport? B: Basketball. I like the game so much that I sometimes forget my meals. And you? A : Me too. But not play, just watch. B : Really? A : Whom do you like best?

B : Yao Ming. A : I like him too.

How to make small talk? Small talk can be a big challenge, but a little preparation and confidence is all you need.

Homework Preview the part of Reading and Vocabulary.

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