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班级________ 姓名_________


一.Match (连线) (5分)

housework 图书馆

name 欢迎

library 家务

practice 名字

welcome 练习

二.Write the meaning(写出中文或英文意思)(10分)

clean the blackboard the second floor 音乐室 送卡片 wait for a classmate

三.Choose the best answer(选择题) (15分)

1. ----What is he doing?

----He is A. reading B. playing C. doing

2. My name is Sam Smith, my first name is A. Sam B. Smith C. Sam Smith

3. ----Where is the music room?


A. five B. fifth C. fiveth

4. They A. is B. am C. are

5. ----When is Teacher’s Day?

----It’ A. September 10th B. January 1st C. October 31st

6. ----Hi, Ting Ting! Nice to see you again.

A. I B. Me C. You

A. teachers B. teacher’s C. teachers’

8. We carnations on Mother’s Day.

A. have B. send C. make

our school.

A. to B. on C. in

10. What class are you ?

A. on B. to C. in

四. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box. (选择方框里的词填空) (10分)

is on the third floor.

do you usually send?

you around

5. This is the teaching 五.Reading comprehension(阅读理解)(15分)

(一). Hello! My name is Bill. I’m ten years old. I’m 1.5 meters tall. Now I’m wearing a T-shirt, socks and shoes. I like purple. That‘s my favourite(最喜爱的) colour. I like to draw pictures. It’s my favourite school work. I like pizza and ice cream. They are my favourite food. I like hot dogs(热狗), too.

( ) 1. What’s his favourite food?

A. Fruit. B. Hot dogs. C. Pizza and ice cream

( ) 2. What’s he wearing now?

A. T-shirt. B. Skirt. C. Pants.

(二). I am a student in China now. My name is Kelly Smith. I live with my parents, two sisters and a brother in Beijing. My parents teach English in No. 6 Middle School. I study in the same school. I am happy here, because I like my new school and the classmates. They are very kind(友善的) to me. They like to play with me because I look different(不同的) from them. I have blue eyes and long blond hair. They often say I look like a doll(洋娃娃). Also I speak English well, so lots of students like to talk with me to improve (提高) their English.

( ) 1. How many people(多少人) are there in Kelley’s family(家庭)?

A. three B. five C. six

( ) 2. Kelley’s parents are _______.

A. doctors B. teachers C. farmers

( ) 3. Why does Kelly like her new school?

A. Because it is very big. B. Because it is very beautiful

C. Because the classmates are kind to her.

六. Finish the sentences according to the example. (把括号里的动词变成正在进行时) (10分)

e.g. The teacher is (tell) a story to the children.

1. He is 2. The boy is 3. Look, my father is (swim).

4. -----What’s Sam doing?

-----He’s (play)

5. Summer is

七. Correct the following sentences. (修改下面的句子) (12分)

e.g. i like music best.

1. Her name is snow white.

2. I’m in class 3, grade 6.

3. miss wang is my english teacher.

4. don’t watch TV.

八. Translate sentences.(翻译句子)(8分)

1. 你现在在干什么?

2. 教室在第一层楼。

3. -----你几岁了?


九.Writing (写作文)(15分)

请写一篇以“My Mother”为标题的作文,字数至少为50字。

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