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Unit1 How do you go there?

? How do you go to school? I go to school on foot ? by bus ? by bike ? by plane ? by car ? by ship ? by subway

? (1) How do (you/ your) go to England? ? (2)My school is near my home. It is not (near/far). ? (3)Let’s go to the bus stop (on/by) foot. ? (4) Our classroom is on the (two/second) floor.

? ( )(1). How she go to the park?A. is B. does C. do ? ( )(2). We go to the USA .A. by ship B. buy ship C. at ship ? ( )(3). If the traffic light is yellow, we must .A. go B. wait C. stop ? ( )(4). In China, drivers drive the side of the road. A. on; left
B. in; right C. on; right

? ( )(5). We can go to school foot.A. by B. on C. in ? ( )(6). at a green light.A. Go B. Stop ? ( )(7). In England, drivers drive on the side of the road.A. right B. left ? ( )(8). 你告诉别人打算骑自行车去周游世界时,应该 说: ? A. I’m going to go around the world by car.B. I’m going there by like. ? C. I’m going to go around the world by bike. ? ( )(9). 当你询问别人怎样去Australia时,应该说: ? A. Do you go to Australia by plane.B. How do you go to Australia.C. Where is Australia? ? ( )(10). It means . ? A. by bike B. no bikes

? rules, go, lights, sometimes, by, wait, Red ? I am a university students. I like reading. Every week, I to Xin-hua Bookstore. Usually I go there bus, but I go by bike. I know the traffic are the same in every country. Means stop. Yellow means and green mean go. But some traffic are different. In Australia, people go on the left side of the road, but in China we go on the right side. If you go to Australia, remember it.

Unit 2 Where is the science museum

? 1._(哪里)is the bank?It's_ (邻近)to the supermarket. ? 2.一(怎样)do you(去)to school? ? I go there on(步行). ? 3.The library is(在前面)the bookstore. ? 4.Would you like some(鱼)? No,(谢谢). ? 5.The(邮局)is on the_(右边)

? 根据对话内容,重新排列句子,并把序号 坟在题后的横线上。 ? 1.Where is the nearest supermarket? ? 2.How can we get there? ? 3. Great. ? 4. Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Let's go shopping and buy a gift ? for our mother. ? 5.We can get there by No. 202 bus. Then get off at the book? store. The supermarket is on the right. ? 6. It's near the park.

? ?


1.thank,coming,all,for,you. 2.to,how,tell,me,you,come,let. 3.after,what,you,going,school,are,to,do? 4.three,walk,straight,for,minutes

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


8.the,the,to,post office,next,library,is. 9.do,go,how,you,home?

? 按要求回答下列句子。 ? 1.Where is the cinema?(near the

museum) ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ?

2.Where's the bookstore?(behind the bank) 3.Where's the post office?(on the left)
4.How can I get to the hospital?(by No. 121 bus) 5.Is there a food shop near here? (near)

Unit 3 what are you going to do ?

? 一、写答句 1.What are you going to do tomorrow? (读杂志) 2.What is Mike going to do next week? (去旅游) 3.What are they going to do tonight? (去电影院) 4.What is Sarah going to do tomorrow? (探望爷、奶) 5.What are we going to do this afternoon? (读书) 6.What are your grandparents going to do this evening ? (踢足球)

? 二、写问句 1._______________ ______ ___?I’m going to watch TV on the weekend. 2._____________________ ____?We are going to visit our teacher next week. 3. ? My parents are going to read books tomorrow. 4.____________________ _ ___?Sarah is going to clean the room tonight. 5._________________________ __? They are going to the cinema tonight. 6.______________________________ _ _ ? I can water the flowers. 7._______________________ ______ ? They can wash the clothes. 8._____________ ______________ _? The dog can swim.

? 1.Tom: __________________________________? Amy: I’m going to the park tomorrow. 2.Mike:__________________________________? 4:15 Lily: I’m going to go swimming at 4:15. 3.Mom:__________________________________? Sam: I’m going to the cinema by bike. 4.John:__________________________________? Jim: The post office is next to the cinema. 5.Dad: __________________________________? Jim: Sarah is going to buy a pair of shoes. 6. ________________________________?My father and mother go to work by bus . 7. ______________ ______________? My parents are going to go to work tomorrow. 8. _____________ ______________?

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