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六年级Module 7 Unit 2(2)

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Unit 2

Pandas love bamboo.

1. Listen and repeat.
(1) What is it ? (2) Do snakes like music ?

(3) Why is the snake coming out of the box?

(4) Do elephants like bamboo ?

Snakes love the sun. Elephants like water. Pandas love bamboo. Dogs play with children. Cats like fish. Bears sleep in the winter.

2.Read, ask and answer.
A: They love the sun. What are they ? B: They are snakes.

3.Listen and say, then chant.
? This old owl lives in a tree. ? He likes to look. He likes to see. ? He likes to hear But not to say. ? We can learn a lesson From that owl today.

5.Game: Believe it or not ?
Pandas can swim.
Pandas can’t sleep in the winter. Elephants can jump. Bears only eat meat. Ants can’t sleep. Tigers have striped ( 花纹 ) fur(毛).

Summary And Homework
总结小组评分。分层家作(任选一题 做):1.运用一般现在时,用一、两句 话描述自己喜欢的一种动物的特点或生 活习性。2.编写一则英语小谜语,下节 课与同学分享。3. 结束语。

Good bye!

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