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Unit1Monday ,July 15 th I ________ in Penang in Malaysia this morning with my family. It was sunny and hot, so we ______ to go to the beach near our hotel. My sister and I tried paragliding. I felt like I was a bird. It was so ______! For lunch, we had _______ very special ---Malaysian yellow noodles. They were ________! In the afternoon, we _______ bicycles to Georgetown. There are a lot of ______ now, but many of the old buildings are still there. In Weld Quay, a really old place in Georgetown, we saw the houses of the Chinese ________ from 100 years ago. I _______ what life was like here in the past. I really enjoyed ______ around the town.

Tuesday, July 16th

What a ________a day makes! My father and I decided to go to Penang Hill today. We ________ to walk up to the top, but then it started ________ a little so we decided to take the train. We waited _______ an hour for the train because there were too _______ people. When we got to the top, it was raining really hard. We didn’t have an ________ so we were wet and cold. It was ________! And because of the bad weather, we couldn’t see anything below. My father didn’t ________ enough money, so we only ______ one bowl of rice and some fish. The food _______ great because I was so hungry!

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