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Unit 7单元指导课

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Unit 7

Where would you like to visit?
W. P. Lesson

tired 1.tiring (adj.) –(adj. 人) _____________ be tired of 对…厌倦 ______________________ peace 2.peaceful(adj.)---(n)_________________ 3.touristy(adj.)—(n.) _________ (v.) _________ tourist tour consider doing 4. consider (v.) 考虑做某事_____________ sth. consider…as … 把…看做、认为…_______________ convenience 5. convenient (adj.) –(n.) ______________ be convenient to do sth. 做某事方便 ______________________ generally 6. general (n.) –(adv.) ____________ in general 通常,大体上____________________ translator 7. translate (v.) --- (n.) _______________ translation (n.) _____________ translate … into 把…翻译成… _______________ …

western 8.eastern (adj东部的) --- 西部的________ --southern northern 南部的__________ 北部的__________ east west (n)东___________ 西 ___________ 南 __________ 北___________ south north southeast (n 、adj、)东南, 在东南方的___________ northeast 东北,在东北方的 ___________ 西南,在西南方 southwest 的___________ 西北,在西北方的 northwest ___________ provide sth. for 9.provide (v.) 把某物提供给某人____________ sb. provide sb. with 给某人提供某物______________sth. sailor 10. sail(v.) --- (n.) ____________ 11. dream (v.) --- (n.) __________ dreamer dream of / about 梦想,幻想(短语)____________________

go on vacation trek through the jungle some day hope to do sth. plan to do sth. consider doing sth. one of the liveliest cities in general be convenient to do sth. take the underground quite an expensive place be supposed to do sth. fantastic beaches

去度假 徒步穿越丛林 有朝一日 希望做某事 计划做某事 考虑做某事 最有活力的城市之一 大体上 方便做某事 乘坐地铁 消费相当高的地方 应该干 极好的沙滩

somewhere warm 暖和的地方 take a trip 去旅行 在中国的东部 in eastern China 为某人提供某物 provide sb with sth = provide sth for sb 到某地旅行 travel to sp. 户外活动 outdoor activities an inexpensive hotel 一个不贵的旅馆 省钱 save money 离开,远离 be away a place with a big pool 一个带有大水池的地方 somewhere near the ocean 靠近海洋的地方

exchange programs this time of year sail across the pacific dream of across China finish your education continue doing sth. according to be realistic quite a few be willing to do sth.

交换节目 每年的这个时候 横渡太平洋 梦想,想到 全中国 完成教育 继续做某事 根据,按照 现实的 相当多 愿意干

achieve one’s dreams go on exciting trips have a good education hold on to take it easy

实现梦想 进行令人兴奋的旅行 有着良好的教育 保持,不要放弃 从容 轻松 不紧张

1. I’d like to trek through the jungle,
because I like exciting vacations.


2. I love places where the people are really

我喜欢人们是很友好的地方。 3. I like places where the weather is always warm.


4. I hope to visit Hawaii one day. 我希望有一天去拜访夏威夷。

5. I’d like to go somewhere relaxing.

关系副词的用法 关系副词在定语从句中只能作状语。 when在从句中作时间状语,其先行词是表示"时间" 的词。 I shall never forget the day when I joined the League. where在从句中作地点状语,其先行词是表示"地点" 的词。 Have you been to the small village where you were born? why在从句中起原因状语的作用,先行词是reason Nobody knows the reason why he is often late for school.

when / where / why = prep. + which

Beijing is a beautiful city. I went there last summer.
Beijing is a beautiful city_____I went last where summer. I remember the day. My father made his first real film. I remember the day_______my father when made his first real film. The reason was that he passed the exam. He was so happy for the reason. The reasonwhy _____he was so happy was that he passed the exam.

Do you still remember the day____we saw the when film named Not One Less? Do you still remember the which\that day__________we spent in Beijing? This is the factory______my father worked ten where years ago. This is the factory_________my father visited which\that ten years ago.

The reason______he was ill is that he caught why cold. The reason____________he told me is that he which\that caught cold.

1. The nurse is very kind. She looks after my little brother. 2. We watched the play “Tea house”. The play “Tea house” was written by Lao She.
3. The medicine was quite helpful. Dr Li gave it to me. 4. The train started at 5:00 p.m.. Mike missed it. 5. The letter is from my uncle. 1 received it three days ago.

6.The student studies very hard. Her father is a worker. 7.He did not attend the meeting. He told me the reason.

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