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一. 从B栏中找出A栏的答句,将其序号填入题前括号内 A

( )1. What does he like?

( )2.Does she go to work by bus?

( )3.What is your hobby?

( )4.Does Jim live in Shanghai?

( )5.Do you like listening to music?

( )6.What are you going to do this afternoon?

( )7.How does your father go to England?

( )8.Where’s your home?

( )9.Is your mother an English teacher?

( )10.Are you going to the Great Wall next week? B

A.Yes,she does.

B.No,she isn’t.She is a math teacher.

C.He likes swimming.

D.I’m going to buy a comic book in the bookstore.

E.It’s near the school.

F.He goes to England by plane.

G.I like watching TV.

H.Yes,we are.

I.Yes,I do.

J.No,he doesn’t.

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