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一. 单词翻译(25分)

1.衣柜 ___________ 2、镜子___________ 3、床头柜___________

4、窗帘___________ 5、垃圾箱___________ 6、卫生间___________

7、厨房___________ 8、卧室___________ 9、在、、、、下面___________

10、在、、、、、上面___________ 11、在、、、、、、、里面___________________

12、在、、、、、、后面___________ 13、在、、、、、旁边___________

14、天空___________ 15.森林___________ 16.in front of ___________

17.over___________ 18.客厅___________ 19.air-conditioner ___________

20.work___________ 21.花________________ 22.河流_________________

23.village____________ 24.城市_____________ 25.bridge____________


( ( (

( ( 三、找出下面单词中意思不同类的一个,把它的序号写到前面的括号里。(6分) ( )1、A. tasty B. sour C. thin D. salty ( )2、A. bedroom B. closet C. kitchen D. bathroom ( )3、A.village B. tree C. flower D. glass

( )4、A. in B. old C. on D. under ( )5、A. curtain B. trash bin C. fresh D. mirror ( )6、A. fish B. tofu C. tomato D. road


( )1. There is ____ end table in the bedroom.

A. an B. a C. the

( )2. There____ a river in the park. But there’s a lake.

A. is B. hasn’t C. isn’t

( )3. Do you like this ;park? Yes, ______.

A. I am B. I do C. I like

( )4. ____ there a nature park in the city?

A. Is B. Are C. Has

( )5. Would you like_____ apple juice? A. some B. any C. a

( )6. There is a forest_____ nature park. A. in B. on C. at

( )7. There are ___ tall buildings in the village. A. not some B. no C. any

( )8. Are there _____ shoes on the shelf? A. some B. any C. a

( )9. Fish can swim. But birds____. A. can B. aren’t C. can’t

( )10. I can’t see the cat. It’s _____ the curtains.

A. in front of B. near C. behind

( )

11. The trash bin is _______the desk.

A. on B. at C. in front of

( )12. Are there any fish? _________________

A. Yes, there are. B. Yes, they’re. C. Yes, there’re.

( ) 13.I _____ a red apple. She ____ a yellow banana.

A. have, has B. has, have C. have, have

( )14、We have English, math and science _____Mondays.

A. at B. for C. on

( )15、How many __________do you have a week?

A. music classes B. music class C. musics classes

( ) 16. What ______is it today?

A. day B. today C. date

( ) 17. _______ your math teacher? Mr Zhao.

A. What's B. Who's C. Where's

( ) 18. What are ___________over there?

A. that B. these C. those

( )1 9. What would you like for lunch? I'd like some ______.

A. green beans B. green bean C. bean

( ) 20. What can Sarah do?________ can make the bed.

A. I B. he C. she

五、用“is 或 are” 填空。(8分)

1.There ______ an apple on the desk.

2.The cats and dogs _________ beautiful.

3.——________ there any pencils in the box? —— Yes, there ________.

4.There ________ a clean river.

5._______ there a lake?

6.What day ______it today?

7.There _____ some milk in the glass.

8.There ______ a pear ,an apple, and some oranges on the table.


( )1.Who’s your English teacher? A.He’s tall and strong

( )2.What’s he like ? B. Mr Carter

( )3.What do we have on Monday ? C. I often do homework

( )4.What do you do on Sunday? D.We have Chinese and English ( )5.What do you have for lunch? E. I like apple . They are sweet . ( )6.What’s your favourite food? F. We have tofu and fish .

( )7.Is this your bedroom? A. No,it isn’t.

( )8.What’s in your study? B.Yes, it’s near the table.

( )9.Is it near the table? C.It’s a bag .

( )10.What’s on the desk ? D.There is a shelf , a chair and a desk.


1. The trash bin is behind the door.(译成汉语)

2. 有两个卧室,一个厨房,一个卫生间和一个客厅。(译成英语)

3. is a park there in city the (.) (排顺序) 4. is , in , there , of , a , chair ,the , front , desk (.)


5.tall in city buildings are any there the (?) ____________________________________________________________________

6.Are there any bridge in your village?(作肯定回答)


7. There is a lake.(变一般疑问句)

___________________________________________________________________ 8.The book is on the desk.(对划线部分提问)


9.There are some pandas in the mountains.(变一般疑问句)

10. some buses there on road are the (.) __________________________________________________________


This is a picture of my village. There are many small houses. There is a long river around it. There are many fish in the river. There is a bridge over the river, too. There is a big mountain behind the houses. There are many tall trees on the mountain. There are many animals in the mountain, too. The air is fresh there. It’s a beautiful village.

( )1. This is a picture of a village.

( )2. There is a bridge over the river.

( )3. There is a big mountain in front of the houses.

( )4. There are many short trees on the mountain.

( )5. The village is beautiful.


1. 你想知道垃圾箱在哪里,应问:( )

A.What's the trash bin? B.Where is the trash bin?

2. 你想让对方看你的卧室,应说:( )

A.Look at my bedroom. B.Look my bedroom.

3. 你想告诉对方你的桌子上有面镜子,应说:( )

A.This is a mirror on my table.

B.There is a mirror on my table.

4. 你妈妈告诉你,你的书包在椅子上,她应说:( )

A.My bag is on the chair.

B.Your bag is on the chair.

5. 你想知道新房间里有什么,应说:( )

A.What's the new room like?

B.What's in the new room?

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