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My name is Billy . I’m a boy . I am eleven . I’m in China now . My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher . I like Chinese food , but my parents (父母亲) don’t . They like bread . I have a nice room . There’s a bed , a desk and a chair in it . There’re many books on the desk . I like books . I often (经常)read books in the evening .

( )1. Billy is ________.

A. a boy B. eleven C. in China D. A,B and C

( )2. Billy’s father is ________.

A. a teacher B. a doctor C. Chinese D. a worker

( )3. Billy likes ________.

A. Chinese B. Chinese food C. bread D. English

( )4. Billy has a ________ room .

A. nice B. big C. small D. good

( )5. Billy often reads books ________.

A. at home B. after class C. in the evening D. at school

阅读下面对话,判断句子,正确的写“T” ,错误的写“F” 。

My name is Tom. I’m a student. My school is not very big , but very beautiful. Look, this is my classroom. It’s very bright. There is a computer on the teacher’s desk. There are 46 students in my class. 22 girls and 24 boys . My school has two libraries. The big one is for the students. The small one is for the teachers. There’s a big playground in the school . I like to play football there . I like my school very much.

1. Tom’s school is very big and beautiful. ( )

2. Tom’s classroom is very bright. ( )

3. There’s a computer in the classroom. ( )

4.There are twenty-four girls in Tom’s class. ( )

5. The big library is for the teachers. ( )

6. Tom can play football. ( )

7. Tom likes his school. ( )

阅读下面对话,判断句子,正确的写“T” ,错误的写“F” 。

John is my good friend. He is twelve. He is English. We are in the same (同一个) school. We are not in the same class. His father Mr Black is a cook. He is forty-five. His mother is not a cook. She is a nurse. She is forty-two. John has a sister. Her name is Alice. She is twenty-one. She is a new teacher at our school.

( )1 John Black is my good friend.

( )2 Mr. Black is a cook.

( )3 John’s mother is a waitress

( )4 John’s sister is nine.

( )5 Alice is my friend’s sister.

阅读下面对话,判断句子,正确的写“T” ,错误的写“F” 。

A: What’s the time, Lucy?

B: It’s three thirty.

A: Oh, it’s time to go to the cinema. Let’s go.

B: Yes, let’s go. But I can’t find my key.

A: Is this key yours, Lucy?

B: Where?

A: On the desk.

B: No, it’s not mine. It’s Lily’s.

A: Look! Lucy’s is under the chair. ( ) 2. It’s time to go to the cinema. B: Oh, yes. Thank you. ( ) 3. Lily’s key is under the desk.

( ) 1. It’s three twenty now. ( ) 4. Lucy’s key is on the desk.

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