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a noodle up you nose

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Only twenty days is my birthday. Kate jumping up on her bed.
Only twenty days I will seven!
Seven is my best number. That I learn how to swim to the deep end.
Her best friend Jake promises he will teach her.
Kate thinks she was going to have a best party.
She thinks she doesn抰 want to invite Leo, Kate said. He always cut my hair. Kate thinks, she doesn抰 want to invite Violet. Because she is so bossy. Mommy said: Then I will bossy her back! Kate knows that mommy doesn抰 know how bossy Violet is.
At the school, Violet come to Kate and sits behind her. She asks, did you have a party this year? 揥ell, I厰 Kate becomes to answer Violet. I have a party this year. And I have a big cake on my birthday. And there are many friends will come to my birthday party. Wait, Lila, wait for me! And Violet gone off. Kate thinks that she doesn抰 tell Violet what is her party is a good idea.
After school, Violet comes again. She asked: I hear you going to have a party. Do you have a clown on you party? No. Kate answer. Oh, that you will lose all the funny. Then what is you party like? En Kate becomes to say. But Violet goes away. Kate said to herself: she always asks a question and don抰 wait for the answer.
Just then Jake is coming. He tells Kate an idea of party from him. How about we make a party, a party about Pirate? Great idea! Kate laughs.
Kate doesn抰 wait for a long time. Her mom is coming to pick her up. So Kate asks mom, can we make a party about pirate? And we can buy a big cake with red and black color? Ok! Her mom answers. Thanks mom! Slow down Kate, I can keep your idea. Did you want twenty kids jump on our table and our rug? If you really want it but I can抰 help you to do it. We just can add some pirate games and some pirate cake. Sounds good! Let抯 go shopping! Kate couldn't stop to think more idea for her party. What if we put some sand on the house, how about buy some balloon? What if Kate stops! I don't want you to think more idea. The party only have three hour. Not a week. I know I just want everyone to have fun. Kate said. Mom answer: but everyone will be too tired to have fun.
Kate and her mother are going to shopping about those pirate users. In the shop. Kate抯 mom is already taking the stickers and red and black balloon. But Kate was looking for the letter that how to invite them. There are no letter that what I want. I want a pirate letter. On those letters. There just has a doll, a cowboy, or a clown. I don抰 like them. When there are going out the shop. Maybe you can do it by you self! Yes, I can! I can draw many things on my letter! Just then, somebody is touching Kate抯 shoulder. Is Violet, when Kate turns back and have a look. Are you shopping for you party? Yes. Kate said. I am having a pirate party! Than you have to eat the shark or fish bone? No, pirate doesn抰 eat them. When Kate finishes saying, Violet go out the shop. Kate said to her mother. See, this Violet! She is so bossy! Can抰 I do

n抰 invite her to my party? I think you can抰, because you can抰 let on person out. Mother said. Kate says to herself: I think I could invite her.

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