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the New Year's Eve
Speakers: 周金晶


Speakers: 周金晶 谢丽军 刘艳新 军


the legend of the New Year’ Eve

The customs of the New Year's Eve

? The customs on Chuxi Day in different districts are almost the same; while in some places, the customs are quite special .
When staying up late in Suzhou, people always wait for the bell ring from the Hanshan Temple, which is a sign of the coming year; Beijing people hold Caisui activity by stepping on the sesame straw paved in the courtyard; In Taiwan, people will put a firepan under the table when have dinner and the daughters-in-law will stay up late in the New Year's Eve, the later, the better .There are many activities on New Year's Eve , which mainly include sticking New Year scrolls (spring scrolls), enjoying family reunion dinner, Shousui (stay up late at night), sacrifice offering and setting off fireworks.

? Spring/New Year Scroll and Painting
Spring scrolls and New Year paintings are always stuck on the doors and walls of a family. The content of the spring scrolls are various. Generally, the scrolls stuck on the door is to show the family status and the happiness to welcome the New Year;

? Family Reunion Dinner

China nation has a strong family concept and always have family reunion in some important days. Family Reunion Dinner is an essential custom on New Year's Eve. They usually enjoy a big feast this day.

Sacrifice to Heaven and Ancestors
In ancient times, every districts of China held sacrificial rites to heaven and ancestors. As people always have a family reunion on New Year's Eve. Many always think of the past relatives and offer sacrifice to them.

There was an interesting story about fireworks in China. It's said that Nian was a demon in the legend, who was scared off by fireworks and red New Year scrolls. From then on, the day to get rid of Nian is called "Guo Nian" and "Chuxi".And we will set off fireworks on this day.

Setting off Fireworks
Fireworks are always set off in festivals in China, especially on New Year's Eve. Fireworks were an army to get rid of the evil-Nian. That's why Chuxi came into being. The time to set off fireworks is different: after having dumplings, when the new day comes, etc.

Shousui (stay up late)
On New Year's Eve, people always stay up late, which is called "Shousui". At night, the families get together, drink and chat. They watch the New Year festival gala and enjoy some snacks (mainly sweets, peanuts and sunflower seeds).

It is said that the parents can live for long if the young stay up late.
They often sleep afte r the new day comes or after the New Yea r festival gala. And a ll the lights will not t urn off for the whole night.

New Year Visiting
New Year Visiting is an important custom on the first day of the New Year's Eve, which is called the New Year's Day.

And children can get lucky money (Yasui Qian).

we call such New Year greetings Jí xiá nghù a , the most common Jí xiá nghù a

include Xīnnián kuàilè (literately means Happy New Year), and guònián hǎo ( Having a Prosperous New Year). Of course there are a lot more examples that you can use to make people really cheerful.

People also do other things to celebrate New Year's eve. Such as stick grilles make dumplings Pasting Spring Couplets and so on. In the New Year's eve, people enjoy themselves very well and they all have a good time in that days.

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