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The School Open Day

发布时间:2014-01-30 09:58:32  

today is tom and mary’s school open day.they are the guides of school.and they should lead the way to the visitors.the school is very beautiful today.there are seven floors in the school

building.there are many people come to the school.but they don’t know the way where they should go.they have to ask the guides.

the man asks to mary:“excuse me.where’s the art room,please?” mary answers gently:“it’s on the second floor,on the right.”the woman says:“excuse me.where are the toilets,please?”tom

says:“they’re on the ground floor,on the left.”

tom and mary are very polite and fidelity.they try their best to lead the way. of course the visitors are very happy.they like the service very much.

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