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My Chinese Teacher

Miss Liang is our Chinese teacher. She is young and pretty. She is tall and thin. She has big eyes and short hiar. She is very strict, but she is very kind. She likes us very much. We all like her.


My Weekends

I usually listen to music on Saturday morning, then I usually visit my grandparents in the afternoon. Sunday morning I usually play football with my friends, we go swimming in the afternoon. This is my weekend.


My Favourite Food and Drink My favourite food is chicken. It is tasty.

My favourite fruits are apples and oranges. They are sweet. I don’t like strawberries because they are sour.

I like eggplant and green beans.I like milk and tea. They are healthy.


My Favourite Season

I like summer. It’s sunny and hot. I can go swimming, eat water-melons, eat ice-cream and eat lychees in summer.


My Favourite Teacher

Our Chinese teacher is Miss Chen. She is tall and thin. She has big eyes and short hair. She is very strict, but she is very kind.

She likes reading books, she often reads books and watches TV on Saturdays and Sundays. Her favourite food is fish. She doesn’t like grapes because they’re sour.


It is 7:00 o’ clock in the evening. My mother is cooking dinner in the kitchen. My father is writing an E-mail in the study. My brother is playing computer games in his bedroom. My sister is washing the clothes in the bathroom. I am watching TV in the living room.


Today is sunny and windy, we are playing in a park. Look! Amy is flying kites, Sarah and Chen are catching butterflies. John and Wu Yifan are playing chess. Tom is picking up leaves. I am watching insects. We are all happy.


I can sweep the floor. I can water the flowers. I can make the bed. But I can’t cook the meals. I can’t wash the clothes.

五、用英文说说你的卧室都有什么,用There be结构描述(五年级上册第五单元)

My Bedroom

My bedroom is small, but it is very nice and clean. There are blue curtains in my room. There is a desk under the window. There are some books on the desk. There is a bed near the desk. There are two pictures on the wall.

I like my room very much.

六、用英文描述你的教室有什么,用There be 结构

I am going to have a busy weekend. On Saturday morninpg, I am going to visit my grandparents with my mother, then we are going to eat good food in a restaurant. In the evening, we are going to watch TV together. On Sunday morning, I am going to play football with my friends, and we are going to swim in the afternoon. In the evening, I am going to do housework. It will be fun.

十二、图(略)中的女孩Amy 想去邮局,但她不知在哪,向警察请求帮助。请你把Amy 和警察的对话写下来。

My Classroom

My classroom is big and clean. There are four windows and four lights in my classroom. There are 36 desks and 36 chairs in my classroom.. There is a computer on the teacher’s desk. My classroom is nice. I like it.

Amy: Excuse me. Is there a post office near here?


My Family

My name is Amy, I am 13 years old. I am a student. I study in Qilian school. I go to school by bike. I like dancing.

My father is an engineer, he works in a factory, he goes to work by car. He likes reading newspapers, he often reads newspapers at night.

My mother is a teacher, she teaches in a school, she goes to work by bus. She likes singing.

My brother is a student, too. He studies in the third middle school. He goes to school by bike. He likes playing football.

I love my family!


Sarah is 11 years old. Amy is 12. So Sarah is one year younger than Amy. Sarah is 165cm tall. Amy is 160 cm tall. Sarah is 5cm taller than Amy.. Sarah is 42kg. Amy is 41kg. Sarah is heavier than Amy.

十四、根据给出的提示,给你的班主任写一张请假条(Asking for leave) (六年级下册第二单元)

1, have a bad cold; 2, doctor told(告诉)me to stay in bed for two days; 3, can’t go to school today; 4, tomorrow; 5, hope(希望); 6, get well very soon Dear Miss/Mr Huang,

I’m not feeling well today. I have a bad cold. The doctor told me to stay in bed for two days. So I can’t go to school today and tomorrow. I hope I’ll get well very soon. Thank you.

Zhang Peng


Last Weekend

I was busy last weekend. On Saturday morning, I visited my grandparents with my mother, then we ate good food in a restaurant. In the evening, we watched TV together. On Sunday morning, I played football with my friends, then we went swimming in the afternoon. In the evening, I did housework at home.

It was busy, but I was very happy.


My birthday

My birthday is in October, it is October 10th. I usually go shopping with my parents on my birthday. My father buys me a cake and my mother buys me a pair of shoes. We usually eat the cake and sing a birthday song at night.


The tigers are sleeping. The elephants are drinking water. The monkeys are swinging. The lion is running. The kangaroo is jumping.

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