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A visit to Ocean World

Today is Sunday. It’s a nice day. Tom and I are going to (这儿不能加the)Ocean World. There are many sea animals at Ocean World. First we see a shark. We like sharks. Then we see some dolphins. They are cute and lovely. We have a good time there.

The Yangtze River

The Yangtze River is very, very long. First, it starts high in the mountains in the west of China. Next, it runs down the mountains. Then, it meets more water from many other lakes and rivers. Finally, it runs into the sea.

For fire safety

Fire is useful. Fire gives us heat and light. But it is also dangerous. So we must be careful. For fire safety, we mustn’t smoke in the forests. We mustn’t start campfires. We mustn’t play near fires. We mustn’t play with matches.

My new home

I have a new home. There are seven rooms. I like the bedroom. It faces south. There is a lot of sunshine in the morning. My father likes the study. It is quiet. He can read books there. My mother likes the kitchen. She can cook nice food there. I like my new home.

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