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Halloween is for the "All Hallow's Evening". However, due to various reasons, Halloween has become the year's most popular and one of the most popular festivals, and many players with great enthusiasm to celebrate this holiday. Halloween in the October 31, in fact, praise and autumn festivals like Beltane is the festival of spring like the praise. Of ancient Gaul, Britain and Ireland priest - druid to have a grand festival praise of autumn, from October 31 beginning at midnight the following day, November 1 continued all day. In their view, that night they are a great Death - Salman to that year were all summoned the ghost of dead people, these evil spirits are subject to care for the Livestock Health and punishment. Of course, as long as the thought of such a gathering of ghosts, it was enough to make fools of those simple-minded understanding of the heart bile war. So they lit the sky of the bonfire, and close surveillance of these evil spirits.

Halloween witches and ghosts everywhere to say is just the beginning. So far in Europe, there are some isolated areas where people believe it is true. Ancient Rome in November 1 there is also a holiday, which is used to pay tribute to their goddess of Bo Mona. They bear ribs roasted nuts and apples before the bonfire. Our own Halloween seems to be a holiday by the Romans and the druid's holiday blend made of. Halloween activities in the original is very simple, and mostly in the church carried out. However, in the whole of Europe, it is regarded as a Halloween enjoy slapstick, Jiangguigushi and a good opportunity to scare each other. So people will no longer be used to praise this Autumn Festival, but it becomes supernatural, witches and ghosts festival.




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