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Writing Task 2:


Study the following message carefully and write an essay on the topic Are Medals Still Worth Pursuing? You should write at least 150 words.


Student’s Work 1:

When it comes to sports development issues, people's views vary widely.

To their mind, development of sports is to win the honor for our country in the arena. It's important for such people to win gold medal.

On the other hand, people in increasing numbers believe that national sports development is more important. The development of sports of recreation is an important way to improve the physical fitness.

Personally, I am in favor of the latter view. It is true that pursue the gold medal and honor. However I like "sunny sports" better. It is also true that realize national sports. If so, that I think that athletes will feel

less pressure.

It is important for us to enhance the awareness of national physical fitness with positive publicity and guidance.

Student’s Work 2:

With the rapid development of economy, sport is also in the constantly developing road. In recent years, our country's athletes harvest more and more medals. In this case, some people suppose that the development of sports is to get more gold medals in the arena so that win laurels for our country. However, others consider the development of the whole nation's sports is more significant.

Indeed, Powerful sports can make our country proud on the international community. But in the contrast, that made us overly develop competitive sports and ignore the people's physical exercise. Besides, even though you get higher level in this industry, it only represent yourself but could not represent the national people's level. Instead, If ignoring the development of the competitive sports, we will make us lose confidence in the international


As far as I am concerned, Chinese sports should go the way of combining the development of competitive sports and the whole nation's sports, meanwhile, keeping the national sports as the main road. On the one hand, to fundamentally solve the whole people's health and improve the quality of the body, we must depend on the national sports. Only when we improve the national sports can we reach a certain level to solve the problem of the fundamental quality of the body. On the other hand, national sports develop a number of sports athletes for competitive sports, which lay a good foundation for competitive sports. At this point, national sports contribute to the competitive sports. What's more, we must keep it in mind that the key to accelerating body-building activity is strengthening its construction and promoting the whole-people physical education.

Only when we combine development of the whole nation's sports and athletic sports, can we develop the public quality, at the same time, harvest the honors in the international arena.

The past decades have seen a boom in Chinese sports. The remarkable achievements in various sport events in international competitions enable Chinese people to eliminate the old image of “East Asian Patient”, which has humiliated our countrymen for nearly a hundred years. However, now there arises a debate on how to deal with the priority of promoting sports, and people’s views on it seem to vary widely.

Some think the ultimate goal of sports is to win medals in various international competitions. China has every reason to be proud when it comes to winning gold medals in Olympic Games and Asian Games. In their eyes, gold medals not only demonstrate/prove China’s strength but also promote Chinese people’s patriotism. Besides, they insist that the nature of sports is to win -- to come first in any event.

Others, however, think differently. They hold that it is much more important and significant to encourage all citizens to go in for sports than it is to win medals in matches and games. In their view, winning medals would mean nothing when many of

our citizens are not interested in taking part in sports. Good examples can be seen in many western countries, where most people get involved in various sport events and games.

As I see it, it is hard to determine which is more justified: whether to win more medals or to have more people participate in sports. Either view has its advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, this should not be a choice between A and B. The best solution is that we should strike a balance between the two points. We should do our best to win medals in international games to show our strength. Meanwhile, we should not overlook the importance of promoting national sports to improve Chinese people’s heath. Only in this way can China win genuine respect in international community(国际社会).

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