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第二节 :

1. 所以的票都卖完了而且演唱会无一空位。

All the ticks were sold out and there was not an empty seat anywhere.

2. 虽然乐团很晚才开始表演,但(等待的过程)是值得的。

Although it started so late, it was worth it.

3. 大厅里的音响质量很差,但观众仍可以听见她的天籁之音。

The sound quality in the hall was poor but the audience could still hear her beautiful voice.


From the start, the fans were jumping up and down to the rhythm and they did not stop until the very end.

5. 每个人带着激动的心情离开了,尽管那天泉州非常冷,仍有一个粉丝小团队在外面等待。

Everyone left the hall feeling excited. Although it was very cold in Quanzhou, a small crowd of fans were waiting outside.


请以约120个词介绍2012年9月30日举行的中国好声音总决赛(the final show of The Voice of China)。

要求:包括以下要点并加以适当补充。 要点如下:

1. 歌手们唱功很好,歌曲中富有各种感情,完美诠释。音响效果好

2. 比赛公平,给音乐爱好者一个展示天赋的舞台

3. 你从中受到的启发。

作文: One Possible Version:

On Sep. 30, hundreds of audiences sat in front of TV set for more than two hours, watching the exciting final show of the Voice of China. The singers on the show all brought out the best in their music talent with their gradually build confidence and determined faiths in music, which, of course, left a deep impression on the audience. All the songs were well performed, full of all kinds of emotions. Besides, the sound effect worked in a perfect way, which was seen as icing on the cake.

As a talent show, the final show of the Voice of China offered all music lovers a fair chance to present their talent for music and provided a feast for eyes and ears as well.

Personally, I learned a lot from the show. The singers’ persistance moved me, and I make up my mind that never again will I give in to any difficulties.


1.In conclusion, I believe dream is the best voice of China. When I watched the show, I knew everyone could make his dream a reality through insisting on his dream and continuous hard work.

2.I know that you must gather courage and spare no effort to overcome whatever difficulties you meet.

3.If they had had no dreams, they wouldn’t have been so successful on the stage. They put efforts in their performance because of their dreams. What I believe is, only did you work hard, you can gain the success.

4.What’s more, it was their brilliant singing with fulfilled/rich emotions which expressed their soul perfectly that impressed me deeply

and left me thinking about the power of dream.

5.The final show of the Voice of China, which made millions of audiences’ blood boiling, was held on 2012.9.30

6.There was a fair stage where the players could show their talent for music.

7.The well-functioned sound system added up the atmosphere of the show. 8.The brilliant performance made me realize that believing in yourself is the first step to success and the hardworking is necessary as well.

9.The Voice of China caught audience’s eyes. The creative stage design and the outstanding/excellent/brilliant/fantastic sound effect made the show more exciting.

10. The Voice of China is a heaven to the music lovers, offering them a stage to show their talent for music.

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