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On August 9,1945, Nagasaki, a seaport in southwest Japan ,was attacked by an atomic bomb which caused catastrophic destroy to people. A photographer serving in the Japanese army was dispatched to the destroyed city to take pictures. There are some of the pictures

he took.

As we can see from the first picture, the Nagasaki fell into ruins as soon as the author arrived at. He added that a stream of hot air blew over his face when he was in these shocking ruins, this feeling remembered in all his life. The heavy smog obscured our vision that we could not see much of the scene. There once was too many buildings for us to glimpse the mountain, but now we could gaze at the view of mountains easily. The buildings could not escape serious destroy of the bomb, not to mention the people. The second picture telling us this, everywhere was filled with dead body. The death came so suddenly that they even had no time to explore the world themselves. Why these innocent people had to suffer these things? Let’s move to the third picture, the man was dead, holding his neck tightly by his hand. It seems that he didn’t want to die and want to

breathe the last air of the world. None would want to die, but for those survived, losing their families, they would rather go with their families instead of living alone. The woman from the last picture, desperate and hopeless, was just lost her baby. It took ten months for her to have a baby, but it took few seconds for her to lose her baby. How could she accept the fact? She put her baby on her arm and tried to feed her baby with a wish that her baby could revive and come back to her. However, we all know this is impossible.

Therefore, we can draw a conclusion from these pictures that nuclear bomb was an unprecedented disaster to people: killing many innocent people, destroying homeland, making people homeless and children orphans. All in all, we people all over the world totally oppose the nuclear bomb, nuclear weapon or anything related to nuclear, only wanting for a peaceful world to live in. And what can we do to help build a peaceful world? You may say, our power are so small that what things can we do? Actually, what we can do is try our best to give hands to those in need and help each other. Because when the society is stable and harmonious, then the nation will stable and harmonious,too, so will the world. As a result, the more peaceful the world is, the less nuclear weapon will happen. Let us take action to help each other from now on!

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