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1. My Good Friend 2. My Holiday 3. My Weekend 4.Mike’s Weekend 5. My Holiday Plan 6. If you have the flu 7.My Family 8看图写作


1、 假如你的好友叫张鹏,请你以“My Good Friend 为题,介绍一下他吧,描述一下他


(或是根据下面的表格,请你以“My Good Friend 为题,介绍一下他吧,描述一下他的年龄、

I have a good friend. His name is Zhang Peng. He is 12 years old. He is short and strong. He has short black hair. His hobby is reading books. He likes playing football, too., He often goes to school on foot. We are in the same class. But I am taller and thinner than him.. My hobby is swimming. I often go to school by bike. We often help each other. I think he is a good student.

2. 你在假期里通常做什么?想必你度过的假期一定很有意义吧,请你把它写出来与大家分享一下吧!不少于60字。

My Holiday

It was a fun holiday. The weather was sunny. I went to Qingdao with my friends by train. On the first day , we went to the beach. We swam in the sea. On the second day, we went to the see park. We saw the sea animals and ate good food. On the third day , we bought some presents . On the fourth day , we went back to Jinan. We all had a good time.

3.上个周末你过得怎么样?请你以“Last Weekend?为题写一短文,不少于60字。

It was sunny last weekend. On Saturday morning, I went swimming. On Saturday afternoon, I did my homework. On Saturday evening, I read books. On Sunday morning, I went hiking. On Sunday afternoon, I cleaned my room and washed my clothes. On Sunday evening, I watched TV. I was busy but I was very happy.

4. Mike’s Weekend (也可能是看图写作)

Mike had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, He went swimming. On Saturday afternoon, He did his homework. On Saturday evening, he read books. On Sunday morning, he went hiking. On Sunday afternoon, he cleaned his room and washed his clothes. On Sunday evening, he watched TV. He was busy but he was very happy

5. 暑假就要到了,你打算怎样度过这个假期,请你以“My Holiday Plan”为题,写一下你的假期计划吧。不少于60字。


My Holiday Plan

Summer holiday is coming. I am going to Beijing with my parents . We are going there by train. On the first day, we are going to see Tian’an Men Square. On the second day, we are going to see the Great Wall. On the third day, we are going to the parks. On the third day, we are going to Beijing duck. On the fourth day, we are going to buy some presents and go home by plane. That will be fun .

6.假如你患了流感,你的身体会有哪些症状哪,你必须怎么做?请你以“ If I Have the Flu “为题, 写一篇英语短文,不少于60字。

If I Have the Flu

Some people feel sick in the winter. Many people get the flu.

If I have the flu, I will have a sore throat. My nose will hurt. I might have a fever. If I feel sick, I have to see the doctor. I have to take some medicine and drink hot drinks. I should stay in bed for a few days. If I do these things, I will feel better soon.

7. 家人对于你来说意味着亲切和熟悉,请你以“My Family”为题,写一篇短文,介绍一下你和你家人的外貌、职业和爱好,不少于60字。不要出现真实姓名。

I have a happy family. My mother is a teacher. She is thin. She likes reading books. She goes to work by bike. My father is a doctor. He is tall and strong. His hobby is playing the chess. He goes to work by car. I am student. I like drawing pictures. I often go to school on foot. Sometimes, I go to school by bus. I love my family.

8. 根据所给图片,描述一下Jim 的房间。字数60字左右。要求:内容全面,时态使用正确,表达完整流畅

This is Jim’s room. There is a bed, a desk , a chair and an end table in his room. A computer and some books are on the desk. His cup is on the desk , too. A clock and a map are on the wall.

Where are his schoolbag and books? They’re on the bed. How about his quilt ?It’s on the floor. His shoes are on the floor , too The room isn’

t clean , but Jim likes it very much. 2

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