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Topic 13 My View on Remedial Examinations




R E has become a part

of college education for

many years. After careful observations, we can find that it is far more

complicated than what we assume it to be.


On the whole, RE is an

essential part of our

educational system .






Topic 13 My View on Remedial Examinations

Remedial examinations have been part of

university education for many years. After careful observation, we can find that it is more

complicated 、complex than we have thought.

On the whole, I should say remedial examinations are necessary for our educational system. On the one hand, some college students are not working hard, and if none of them fail the examination, how can we guarantee the quality of education? On the other hand, by preparing for and taking part in

the lost time. If they can learn from this lesson, it will certainly be beneficial for their future life. To make remedial examinations do the job,

however, we have to make sure of several points below. For one thing, we should make all the

examinations as fair as possible. Some students cheat in the examinations to get high scores, and

others beg the teacher for a satisfactory grade. All of these people should be severely punished. For another, teachers should not decide the number of students failing the test before the examination. They should bear a standard in mind, which is

comparable across the years.

The remedial examination is an important part of college education. Only by planning it wisely and

conducting it reasonably can we make best use of it.

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