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傲慢与偏见 读后感

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My comments on Pride and Prejudice

Background of the author

Jane Austen was an outstanding English writer whose works were concise and imaginative. She lived her entire life as part of a close-knit family in Steventon. She was educated primarily by her father who once studied at Oxford as well as through her own reading. She was bachelordom all her life.

Her writing was affected by Joseph Addison, Henry Fielding and Samuel Johnson. Her works mainly discussed issues about criticism and the values of many people in 19th century. Sense and Sensibility (1811), Mansfield Park(1814), Emma(1816), Persuasion(1818) were some of her famous novels and she achieved success. In her works, she tried to depicted heroine who were full of thoughts and independent.

The summary of the novel

Mrs.Bennet was eager to find good breeding and wealthy husbands for her five unmarried daughters. As soon as she heard that Netherfield was taken by a young man of large fortune from the north of England, she asked her husband to pay a visit to him. Mr.Bennet, who was a wise and humorous man, did went to visit Mr. Bingley. Mr. Bingley returned Mr. Bennet's visit, the whole family were attracted by his pleasant countenance and easy, unaffected manners. Mr. Bingley later hold a dance. During the dance, Mr. Bingley fell in love with Jane, the oldest and the most beautiful daughter of the Bennet. Jane also spoke highly of Bingley. At the party, Bingley brought his best friend Darcy, who was arrogant but rich.

Mrs. Bennet expected that Jane would marry Bingley, however, Bingley suddenly left Netherfield without informing Jane. Meanwhile, Mr. Collins, Elizabeth's cousin, who would inherit all Mr. Bennet's wealth, went to visit them. He wanted to find a wife among the five girls. At first, he wanted to marry Jane, as soon as he was told that Jane had already fell in love with Bingley, so Collins switched to Elizabeth. Elizabeth detested him and had a low opinion of him, she refused his proposal, to her surprise, her friend Charlotte agreed to marry him. Elizabeth went to visit the newly married couple. There she met Darcy. He expressed his love to her, Elizabeth got a really big shock and refused his love, in the end, they had an argument for Jane and Bingley. Elizabeth thought that it was Darcy who made his sister heartbroken, while Darcy thought it was unappropriate for them to be together.

Elizabeth's sister Lydia eloped with an officer. The whole family were very worried. Later Elizabeth found out that Darcy helped to find her innocent sister and saved her reputation. Jane and Bingley met again. Elizabeth gradually changed her former opinions of Darcy.Darcy and Elizabeth realized their errors of judgment and became engaged.

My comments on the novel

" It is a truth that universally acknowledged that a single man is in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife."

This is the beginning paragraph of Pride and Prejudice. And in the novel, Jane Austen paid special attention to describing Mrs. Bennet, who was eager to make her five daughters get married with young and rich men. And the author also expressed her idea towards marriage: it is wrong to marry for property and social status, but it is silly to marry without considering property. After reading the novel, I could not help wondering why we should get married, or to be more exact, what makes a lasting marriage?

I especially like Jane Bennet. She was quiet and shy, she loved Bingley but she failed to show her love sufficiently. Such kind of girls always aroused my sympathy. They could be happier if they could be more brave. As for Elizabeth, the heroine of the novel, I have to admit that she was intelligent and had her own views of many things. However, I do not like her as much as I like Jane, Elizabeth was stubborn sometimes, she would rather listen to people's opinions about Darcy than judge by herself. And in the novel, Charlotte and Collins got married. So I want to express my feelings on the three different marriages.

Firstly, Jane and Bingley's marriage was full of challenges. They had totally different family backgrounds, even Bingley's best friend Darcy once asked Bingley to give up. Although Jane really loved him, she was not good at expressing her affection for him. Nevertheless, they finally got married and lived happily. From their marriage I could see that love is the foundation of marriage, if there is no love exists in the marriage, the couple surely cannot live long with each other. But if we really love someone, we should speak it out. Jane was so shy that she thought it.However, the fact is that everyone wants to be embraced with love, if we fail to show it, then we will probably miss the one we love. Love should be expressed appropriately.

Secondly,In Elizabeth and Darcy's marriage, I see that understanding plays an important role in marriage, if a man and a woman do not understand or believe each other, they may argue with each other, which is harmful for a marriage. If a marriage lacks communication and understanding, how can the couple have faith in their lives? News media have revealed many young people fail to communicate in a right way, thus their marriage is full if obstacles. Elizabeth and Darcy at first did not realize that they loved each other, only after a long time did they suddenly found that their love had grown up in their pride and prejudice. When dealing with people, we should keep in mind that we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices.

Finally, in Charlotte and Collins's marriage, I see that wealth, pride and obligation also play an important role. Charlotte lived a hard life, she was not beautiful enough to attract men's attraction and she was not rich. And Collins was in great need of a wife, he was asked to get married. I believe he was not sure why he should get married. Not for love, but for obligation to someone else.

All in all, marriage is a miracle, it makes two people live for a long time, on the other hand, if a man and a woman cannot tolerate each other, a marriage can also be ruined effortlessly.

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