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2012级英语英教2班 1228010060 廖娟

1. Title: Oliver Twist

2. Name of the Author: Dickens

3. The main idea: This story presents the everyday existence of the lowest member of English society, and the author achieves his biting criticism of social condition through deep satire and hyperbolic statements.

4. The main plot:

(1) One night at dinner, one child tells the others that if he does noe have another bowl of gruel he might eat one of them. Terrified, the children at the work house cast lots, determining that whoever losses shall be required to ask more food for the boy. Oliver loses ,and after dinner ,the other children insist that Oliver ask for more food at supper.

(2) So they established the rule that all poor people should have the alternative … of being starved by a gradual process in the house , or by a one of it.

(3) Pity us, lady ---pity us for having only one feeling of the woman left and having that turned… from a comfort and a pride into a new means of violence and suffering.

(4) Without strong affection and humanity of heart, and gratitude to

that being whose code is mercy and great attribute is benevolence…happiness can never be attained.

5. My point of view about one of the characters or about the author: Nancy has been a thief and drinks to excess. The narrator’s reference to her “free and agreeable…manners” indicates that she is a prostitute. She is immersed in the vices condemned by her society, but she also commits perhaps the most noble act in the novel when she sacrifices her own life in order to protect Oliver. Nancy’s moral complexity is unique among the characters in Oliver Twist. Only Nancy comprehends and is capable of both good and evil.

6. The relationship of main characters:

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