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小 学2009 — 2010学 年 度 第 一 学 期 六 年 级 英 语 中 段 考 试 卷 听力部分(40分) 一.听录音,判断句子是否符合图意,相符在括号打“√”否则打“×”。10% 1.( ) 2.( ) 3.( ) 4.( ) 5.( ) 6.( ) 7.( ) 8.( ) 9.( ) 10.( )

三.听录音,用数字按短文内容顺序排列图片,短文读两遍。5 % ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 四.选择最佳反应,将其字母编号写在题前的括号里,每题读两遍。5 % ( ) 1 .A. Yes, I can. B. Yes, you can. C. Sure, if you like. It’s not far. ( ) 2 .A. You can go by bus. B. Yes, you can. C. I can go by bus. ( ) 3. A. Yes, he knows. B. Yes, he does. C. No, he doesn’t. ( ) 4. A. There is one. B. There are three. C. They are three.

( ) 5. A. On the left side. B. On the right side. C. In the middle.

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Wu Yifan is a in Class Two, Grade Six. This he is going to visit his , because this is his grandma’s. He is going with his parents and they are going there by .

Father and are going to send grandma some beautiful clothes.

What Wu Yifan? He’s going to buy grandma a They are going to be very happy that day.


一. 看图,找出合适的句子,将其字母编号写在图下的括号里。5 %

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

A. What’s the weather like today? It’s sunny .

B. What do you like ? I like playing the piano.

C. What time is it? It’s 5: 15 .

D. When is your birthday ? It’s Dec.25th.

E. How do you go to Hong Kong? By plane . F .I go home at 5:50 .

二. 选出合适的答语,将其字母编号写在相应的方格里。5%

( ) 1. Do you go to school by bus every day? A. It’s Monday.

( ) 2. What are you going to do tomorrow ? B. I go on foot.

( ) 3. How do you get home after school? C. Read a book .

( ) 4. Where is the bank? D. No, I don’t.

( ) 5. What day is it today? E. It’s near the cinema. 三. 看图和提示,写出答句。10%

1. How do they go to Beijing ?

2. What is your father going to do next week ?

( 去北京


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3. How many traffic lights are there ?

4. Is there a school near the park ?

( 没有 )

5. Can you go to Beijing by train ?

( 可以 )


1. How does your father go to work?

_________________________________2. Where is your school?

_________________________3. Is your mother a tall woman ?

____________________4. What’s your favourite food?

_______________5. Where are you going this weekend ?



( )1. There are five people in the survey .

( )2. Mike goes to school by car.

( )3. Lily gets up at six thirty.

( )4. John goes home at 5:50.

( )5. Mary goes home by bus .

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Mary is an American schoolgirl . She is now in Beijing with her parents . Mary doesn’t

know Chinese , but she is studying Chinese . She often speaks Chinese to her Chinese

friends . Sometimes they don’t understand her because she can’t speak Chinese well .

It’s Sunday morning . She goes out .She is walking in the street .She is going to the zoo

to see elephants and monkeys, but she doesn’t know how to get there .She asks a Chinese

boy . The boy can’t understand(明白) her. Then she takes out a pen and a piece of

paper(纸) .She draws an elephant on it and shows the picture to the boy. The boy

understands now, and he shows Mary the way to the zoo.

( ) 1.Mary is a lovely _______schoolgirl .

A. Chinese B. English C. Japanese D. American

( ) 2.Mary is in _______with her parents .

A. Shanghai B. Beijing C. New York D. Suzhou

( ) 3. Mary ____speak Chinese well . A. can B. can’t C. mustn’t

( ) 4. Mary doesn’t know how to _________.

A. get to the zoo . B. get to the park C. get to her home D. get to the school

( ) 5. Does the boy understand her at last ?

A. Yes, he is B. Yes , he does . C. Yes, she does . D. No, it isn’t .

七、阅读短文,判断对错,对的打“ T ” ,错的打“ F ” 。10%

Amy is in Grade Six this year. There are four new classmates in her class. They’re Mike, Zhang Jie , Sarah and John. Mike is tall and thin. He goes to school by bus. His cousin Sarah goes to school by subway. Zhang Jie often goes to school with her father. He is our principal , Mr zhang.He usually goes to work by car. John is short and strong. Usually he goes to school by bike.We have a new math teacher, Mr Chen. He runs to school everyday. His class is so much fun. We all like him.

( )1. John is tall. He often goes to school by bus.

( )2.Mike is Sarah’s cousin. He goes to school by subway.

( )3.Amy has five new classmates this year.

( )4.Zhang Jie goes to school by car .

( )5.Mr Chen is funny .We all love him.

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