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老师您帮我看一下,语法,标点,词语搭配,和语序尤其是语序和大小写问题 目前只写到这里

I went to the xian(西安)with my parents to spend my summer vacation.I liked green plants,clear rivers and lovely amimals there。I breathed the fresh air on the mountain sometimes I went swimming in the river.It was unfoegetable.let me tell you what did I do there.

First,my parents and I went to my grandparents home.It was very big but the weather was so cold that I like in the North Polo.For lunch,we had something very special----chinese hamburgers(肉夹馍) and cold noodles(凉皮).They were delicious.In the afternoon,my father and I saw the warriors.Everyone should know that t this is where the famous terracottawarriors were

found, mute witnesses to

thescale, resources and organising capacity of the ancient Chinese state !

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